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2008-10-14, 15:30
Map: Korengal
Team: US army
Location: E3 hill side firebase Here (http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/739d457c2911af86b3e23b91376c447412386d1d.png)
Server: TG
Time: 20 mins ago

With korengal being the next map i decided i was going to build a firebase in the mapper placed compound ontop of the E3 hill as i always do. initially i was going to do this with 2 friends, but invited a few more after they asked.

the round started off slow, we build the said firebase and placed a rally point to the north encase firbase and us where killed. We set up camp and over looked the vally.... nothing. no INS moving anywhere, was thinking we was in for a long boring game. but the round ended up having alot of activity. i forget to take screenshots ingame so only took a few:

Here we have a few INS under fire from bunker SAW and squad SAW (http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/de3120e2c089909a163db1c93c002bb45b5c0906.png)

Here we have two INS moving along with some HAT pain coming in (http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/05298ef066b0cc7d2b427a680929b697ec076595.png)

Here is the pain being delivered (http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/6b0a1752f9a6b0c889f9a06153b15d1dcc29779f.png)

Here is the squad 10 mins before game finished , we got another 6/7 kills from a INS squad trying to attack us and our HAT killing the valley (http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/487169fb218d97c201bd7192572fd96e8febe447.png)

top squad (http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/789c596b871e6fe52c2be243678f5c320c82ba0d.png)

shout out to the squad:

bjoffe - ace SAW pwning , INS getting suppressed in valley
Grawiog - excellent sniper, getting lots of boom headshots across the valley
rustybandsaw - great 50.cal action, killed loads at the end after screenshot when they try to take the base.

so yea, we got alot of intel at little expense to our tickets and distracted 1/2 squads during game to try take us, overall successful game

2008-10-14, 15:51
Sounds fun, i was on the ins team that round I think,

2008-10-14, 16:07
Hmm, did insurgents win? :D

2008-10-14, 16:10
Yeah, I especially liked the HAT-sniper/spammer who constantly picked off insurgent infantry.

But you did have an excellent defense there.

2008-10-14, 16:30
Hmm, did insurgents win? :D

no lost horribly , we had about 100 tickets left on last cache take down.

2008-10-14, 17:21
Yeah, I especially liked the HAT-sniper/spammer who constantly picked off insurgent infantry.

Lies, that guys tk'd me and nick and kept putting the sh*ts up us ever now and then. Good round though, although I do believe if I hadnt left before the end that my squad would have came no1 :p

2008-10-14, 17:26
yea my HAT guy was a self confessed noob, not really a gamer even , just a RL friend who wanted a game , so i gave him the more interesting job. though if i didn't spot for him he would tk.

also loved making two ammo runs in the CO truck back to main for more crates then back to firebase in middle of fights, good fun

2008-10-14, 17:55
haha :D I've done that supply truck run b4 :lol:

Its bloody hairy

best way to get resupplied (never done this myself, but seen it done) is to get the LB with 2 or 3 riflemen, Airdrop supplies! :D

2008-10-14, 19:08
50 cals are fun.

2008-10-15, 02:20
i was in the war on terror squad. got about 30 kills with the 203 =D i love that map, but only on US... its sucks to be an insurgent unless you can plant an ied on the LB

2008-10-15, 02:31
I love being insurgent on that map

The gazzbase for example, it shall fall if you do one of the following

1) direct assault is risky, but if you grapple hook over the south side, you have a chance and can use the hesco barrier against them (this is the fastest, but riskiest option) Molotovs are a must, even if you die there is a good chance your molotov will take someone with you
2) RPG/GP25 from the hills to the north, there is plenty of cover and multiple firing positions
3) Get a technical, come from the north, you can jump back if they get a beat on you, 50cal+RPK them to kingdom come, this works well in conjunction with 2 as the tehnical carries ammo for the explosive kits.

Best map to be insurgent imo because you can choose where to engage the enemy.

2008-10-15, 20:57
Technical carries no ammo...?

Good round Gazz, nice of you to invite me even if you were playing with yourfriends.
Defending this base is the most(only) meaningful purpose I find on this map. Searching caches as US I find dreadfully boring in general, and unlike Rudd Medicman over here i think it's the worst map as insurgent, mostly because ones mobility is so limited. Great for ambushing. But suciding your enemy to hell is more rewarding in terms of virgins, says the equation.