View Full Version : [AAR] An interesting end (Jdam) to a horrible game.

2008-10-13, 03:26
We were as USMC against the MEC held at Mainbase. People were fooling around, driving around in supply trucks and trying everything to get the next objective, except that the MEC had armored vehicles controlling the W and S, which means that any attempt to fly out in the BH or out in a supply trck either meant getting shot down or not even traveling 100m one way.

Well, we were pinned down slightly W of Main at a firebase, when we hear that dreaded incoming sound of a Jdam. Fortunately, it came off 100m to our E. Took a few seconds to recover from the shock, but w/e, we were back at fighting the MEC tanks. Then we here the jdam sound again...and again...and again, all 10 more times at most. To say the least, everyone was wiped out and the map was changed back to Sunset City...obviously someone was either hacking or a bug(which i doubt)

2008-10-13, 06:04
I witnessed the JDAM "hack" tonight on Tactics & Teamwork:

the map was Battle for Quinling, and the Chinese main base was repeatedly showered in JDAM attacks which nobody had ordered - by the end of the round about a dozen JDAMs had miraculously been dropped there. Needless to say, the Brits won, but the admins unfortunately were never able to find the culprit, but not for lack of trying.

2008-10-13, 13:30
I was on Ramiel and there were over 30 mortar strikes on the US Main base as soon as the game started.

Then, there were mortar strikes on each one of our caches.

2008-10-13, 15:04
Thinking teh attacks on T&T last night were by multiples! Youve got to remember that thye use spoof accounts, fucked GUID's and just have 3 or 4 of them on at once...

T&T and myself think we got the main culprits, one of which has been watched before by myself I think...

2008-10-13, 15:25
Can you send their names or hash to me? So I can watch for them if they come to my server

2008-10-13, 18:37
i've been having wet dreams about a hack like that. i just want to witness something like it once and i'd be happy.
but we should be happy that all the vanilla hackers that likes to piss people off don't install pr... cause a lot of people would get really pissed :P

2008-10-13, 21:19
Can you send their names or hash to me? So I can watch for them if they come to my server

No, because you're not listed as a Server Admin.....

2008-10-13, 23:12
Still waiting on someone to through them to me actually Epoch lad, forgot to get them lastnight :D