View Full Version : [Video] PR v0.8 A short movie from last weeks Eruropean Multi-clan match

2008-10-12, 11:50
A short movie from the first tank engagement the EEF tank squad had on the Multi-clan match last week. Movie was made by Marshall[EEF](in my opinion one of the best at making movies like this).


YouTube - Project Reality: Euro Multi-Clan Match First Armour Contact (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MIMzPdeX8s)

2008-10-12, 12:12
Looks like you had a good fight there

2008-10-12, 12:22
indeed it was really fun these matches are what PR should look like, or rather should be played :)

2008-10-12, 15:38
fixed for you


2008-10-12, 16:03
nice video, same time tonight boys ?? :D

2008-10-12, 17:18
Here is Marko himself in some of his first contact of the match.


I don't know how to embed.

2008-10-12, 18:05
nice video, same time tonight boys ?? :D

hell ye :D

2008-10-12, 18:31
Nice vid :)

2008-10-12, 18:49
I wasmaking a vid with footage from all of the matches. My PC broke again and I don't think i'll bother when I fix it/replace it.

Nice vid though. The crazy haxor in the supply truck was me, we had your tail for ages... then you owned me and the lazer died before the plane support came:-(

So we went and got two tanks. One drove into two of you and got killed before it knew what happened, then me and Gamers (I think ?!) went rambo on two of you. The outcome was not surprising.:-P

2008-10-13, 15:00
Who was in the frogfoot anyways?

2008-10-15, 14:34
I like the .5 trailer music.