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2008-10-09, 00:06
This is probably the most epic 10 minutes I've ever had playing PR. On Barracuda, my squad had just been taken out by a .50 cal on a Chinese Jeep. We regrouped and went back to the bridge it was on. It had left, but three guys got out of the Humvee we were riding in and eventually got shot. Now my epic run begins. I was on the ground with a LAT incase the Nanjing came back. We started taking fire and I hopped in the driver's seat of the Hummer. A grenade flew past my face and I quickly reversed to get out of there, narrowly avoiding the blast. As I was driving my SL back to the FOB for the rest of the squad, we came upon a Chinese buggy driving the opposite direction. Somehow, my gunner killed the driver with three shots. We picked up the rest of the squad and decided to make a dash for the airfield. I managed to drive off the road and spent a minute driving around in the jungle.

Eventually we made it to the fork in the road near the Chinese main base. As we were making the turn, a buggy came roaring out and opened fire on us. I sped away with my .50 cal gunner trading fire with the Chinese buggy. I crashed into a tree on a downhill and my SL got out. I quickly got back on the road and the gunfire started up again as I tried to outrun and outturn the buggy. Then I heard my gunner shout that the "Motherf*ckers were dead" and I turned to pick up my SL.

We made it to the airfield, capped it, and set up a defensive piriemeter. The Chinese came at us with two Jeeps and my gunner and I destroyed one. My gunner got out to heal the SL and died. So I hopped in the .50 cal and opened fire on a chinese squad to my SE. I killed one and then was told that they were inside the building I was hiding behind. I began taking fire and pumped rounds into all the windows of that building. I killed another one but was flanked and eventually killed by a machine gun.

HMMWV's rock.

2008-10-09, 07:04
haha yeh they do! Nice story and sounds like a fun game indeed! I love that map.