View Full Version : [AAR] Qwai River

2008-10-08, 22:37
Just had one of the most enjoyable PR games in a while on Qwai river on the TG server.

I was in squad 4 and it was infantry with humvees and command trucks only which on qwai was actually a blessed relief. We started out by building a fire base north of fishing village and then moved down towards the village.

Kudos at this point shud deff go to Mongol who with an LAT kit succeded in taking out 2 fully laden trucks for 12 kills in total :D

We carried on patrolling around as a squad and eventually picked up a humvee to use as a mobile firing platform, and using this we took the construction site point.

Was a fantastic round and the squad did very well, with good communication all round.

Unfortunately it ended prematurely for me as those TG words of death, "kicking player to make room for a supporting member" appeared, but a terrific game all the same.

Special kudos go to the squad leader |TG| Chubben whose calm and efficient SL style was the key to our success. TG13th Blackmain for some excellent if slightly hair-raising driving under fire, whilst I manned the .50 on the humvee. And (R-MOD) Mongol, whose general play was superb and was great seeing those 2 command trucks go up in flames.

Was great playing with you all and hope to play with you again soon.