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2008-10-08, 02:43
Hello everyone,

I would like to share a story with everyone of a great time I had a couple nights ago.

I was playing on the USMC on the Mutturha (the sea side map where the USMC fly/boat in from carrier) and was part of a great squad who was working together and being lead by a great squad leader. Having our fire base destroyed near the second flag we decided to respawn as a squad on the carrier and be transported by a heli to the second objective. After all re-grouping on the flight deck we all hoped into a heli that was already waiting to pick some guys up (it was the larger grey heli, don't know the name) and off we go. The enemy still had a AA gun watching the approach so the pilot decided to go through the cliffs and pop up behind him and then proceed to take us to the objective. But once the pilot came over the top of the hill a sniper shot him... The pilot slumps over and the heli continues on its course quickly loosing control and altitude. Along the way a couple of guys jumped out, one in our squad and a couple other players, all falling to their deaths. the rest of us (4 or 5) decided to stick it through. BAM! the heli crashes just outside of the first objective where the other team has a large force trying to re-take it. We basicly crashed in the middle of them. Surprisingly the freakin heli didn't explode and we jumped out under fire. We tried to find cover anywhere but we where all cut to pieces shortly after escaping the heli crash.

It was by far the most intense and fun time I have ever had playing a video game. I was litterally screaming as the heli crashed. God I love this game!

2008-10-08, 08:08
haha cool! Sounds like a movie script!

2008-10-08, 12:11

had a similar story on one city map once.. alot of thick smoke ran around a corner ahead of my squad and ran into the middle of an enemy squad but noone seemed to notice.. neither me nor the bad guys... so we all kind of stared at each other for a good long moment........

then firing like crazy and me running back aorund the corner and making it.. LOL....i actually had to stop and realize what had happened... it was the weirdest thing...loll

2008-10-08, 13:29
Heh. I once survived a helicopter crash on Jabal, completely unscathed, by jumping out the moment our pilot put the heavily damaged chopper on the ground. Out of seven people in the chopper, only another one besides me survived the whole ordeal, and he got heavily injured. I was surprised that I manged to get out of the chopper without as much as a scratch and everyone else died.

Then, another helicopter attempted to land near our position, and got shot down with no survivors...

2008-11-24, 15:35
I played one time, it was late at night. So I was staying awake with hot chocolate and of course the intense action of PR.
Anyway, after hours of play I was starting to become rather unserious, being insurgent on that kinda desert-oil-city map with lots of pipelines down south east. Noone plays that map anymore. I was a rock-thrower, getting it on with my motorbike, texting the ememy stuff like: "Me and all my cousins will ROCK you! Are you ready, Infidels??"
I was squad leader, and had to kick a guy a couple of times, he just joined the squad and screamed into the mic for no reason. Kick, kick, ban. But there was this other guy in my squad, can't remember his name. Lets call him Nick. So Nick is this crazy dude, maybe East/South European, and he keeps singing (seriously) "Smack that tank!! SMACK IIIT!" and when the rpg-guys get it on, he happily sings "OOooh! He got smacked! Smack the tank, baby!!"
So you can tell - hot chokolate and a weird singer online, that's all I need. I can't really do anything, being a rockthrower. I'm just looking out.
Then all of the sudden, this supply truck comes up the road. At the time I was hiding in some ruins. And for some reason, maybe they saw me - the truck slowed down. So I ran outside, pulled out a nice rock, and tossed it right in the face of the driver! I'm not sure he died from the first rock, but I threw another one (while thinking "why isn't he getting out?") and by the time of that second rock, the driver was dead. He slumped over the wheel.
I was one happy rock thrower! In between the smack-singing dude and my hot chokolate, I'm beaming with joy. 1 second later, the guy in the passenger seat jump out and comes running after me. He realizes I'm civilian, so he puts his rifle away, and pulls out his... (I forget what you use to arrest people. He pulled that instrument up.) And I guess I didn't expect him to, so I just ran! And while running, I turned around quickly and desperately threw a rock at the guy - and I got the sound of him dying. Headshot part 2! And singing!

Those guys in the truck must hate me. I know I would!