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2008-10-05, 19:40
Last night I was on Muttrah as USMC. The Squad i was in was trying to cap East City. Me as Grenadier, Light AT, and the SL, were ontop of the mosque, while the rest of the squad was guarding the interior. I'm looking through my binocs with SL to towards the Fortress, flag goes gray and 10 second later a vodnik comes into view and it's heading for us. Sl orders the Light AT to take it out when it gets close, I offer to do it and have him spare his rocket. SL agrees and tells me to aim towards the closest intersection with my M203. Tells me to fire when he gets close enough. But for the Light AT to keep his AT4 out just in case I miss. I'm waiting for about 5 seconds when he gets close enough, SL tells me to fire! I do so, It's going, going going, and Just as I think it's about to hit him. It does'nt! It goes right over him, I'm thinking shit! But wait an enemy command truck full with 6 people in the back pops out behind the vodnik from the intersection. And my GRENADE hits right into the Back. Kills All 6 and the Driver and Passenger! Sl is over mic saying good shot. Light AT is congratulating me as he takes out the Vodnik with the AT4. That I have to say was one of the Luckiest grenades i ever shot. 8 dead. Damn I love the Grenadier Kit.

2008-10-06, 01:39
LOL! who thought an error could work out so well.

2008-10-06, 16:47
Almost had the same, but the nade hit a friendly squad coming around the corner >_<

2008-10-06, 16:59
Almost had the same, but the nade hit a friendly squad coming around the corner >_<

hehe, not quite the same then is it :-D

You sir, are one lucky son of a female dog.