View Full Version : [AAR] provocation fail

2008-10-05, 15:36
a not long time ago, me and my squadmate, both in one apc, in a defensive position at mainbase where we use the apcs one manned as cannon platform.

after 1 hour sitting there and countering small attacks from enemy scoutforces, suddenly an enemy types to my squady naming him in allchat: "hey, you may go boom!"

so..since there was no other thread around... but just the ocasion some engy have sneaked up on us through an uncovered ditch and were putting a mine under his scimi, then focusing him in the middle of the screen that way the enemy tag will appear after a while...

combining that, i shot 3 heatrounds on my buddies apc, killing the funny enemy.

2008-10-05, 19:55
something similar happened to me. some idiot was soloing a tank, and people were complaing about it, so i snuck up to his tank, climbed on top of it and started dancing on it. then i say in allchat, "yeah, this moron "scared" (thats his name, scared) is soloing the tank. im on top of it LOL" then i pull out my knife and wait for him to get on then gun. he gets on the gun and i stab him <epic pause> BUT MY KNIFE WENT DULL WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111ONEONETWO!!!!11223 then he shot me.