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2008-10-04, 06:06
Ahh, and so it begins.

Muttrah city, thebattlearena server. a silly team, a silly squad, a silly time.

In the beginning things were going ok, we were doing pretty well, squad wise and team wise. we had the USMC in check, they only had docks left, and we were poised to strike. but then bad things happened. the USMC got a commander, or jesus helped them. The USMC steamrolled us taking north city and then east inner city (or was it west?) the theme of this battle was "Please place a rally point SL." every time the SL would place one we would move away from it, or it would get destroyed and we would be so split up due to casualties. then we had to walk a mile just to get back to the SL. towards the end things got quite silly. i came to the point of laughing immensely at the blunders of my mentally challenged comrades. it all sorta started with only 30 minutes left. the game was actually kinda close. the rest of the team was doing ok, and i could have joined another squad whenever i wanted, but i was having to much fun watching these guys. (I will point out the SL, Killer_PR, was doing all he could to keep our doomed team together, killer, i salute you)
so, we were all split up trying to walk our way back to the SL, when, while in the middle of a road, an enemy APC rolls thru killing a bunch of us. this happened about 3 times. one time it drove 4 meters away from me and didnt see me. all i could think of was a loose dog attacking something over and over. it was very funny to see someone get shot, rezzed, then run over within a minute.

then we had this kid whos name was raccoon (not full name) who was laways complaining and asking for rallys and what not. again, quite amusing. he drove a car into an enemy soldier and the car blew up. lol. no HAT kit, AT kit, mines or IED stuff. glitch i guess. laughed for a good 30 secs. then, when i had to respawn, i noticed three guys standing at a wall firing full auto over it. i looked over the wall just in time to see a friendly gunned down in cold blood. it looked just like a firing squad, and again i laughed a lot. it was a very silly game.

so the server reloads, and the next match is worse. our commanders name was Hitlerbot and our squad leader was noob_3. not a good sign at all. (i imagined a guy firing a rocket launcher the wrong way while invading Poland, and i apologize to polish people everywhere) so i left the game.

Note: i am not like this when i usually play. in fact, i was playing seriously the whole time, i just happened to be laughing the entire time, but i was serious. for those of you who have played with me before you know me to be serious and for those who havent trust me. i had just gotten off an amaising TG kashan match (Dude388 will vouch for me along with Leepants and Russianvitch)

2008-10-04, 15:44
LOL Dude, I was playing on the US team exactly when this happend, and you know why we suddenly steamrolled you? Because of my squad's AWESOME APC skills. That, and once we were going to lose docs alot of the NOOOOOOOB players who had been crashing choppers on the carriers left the server, making room for some good people. And it was so awesome that we pushed you back from docks to your main in about 10 minutes.

The next round were were doing just as good, but we could never get both East and West city at the same time so we could never start the MEC to bleed. The round was soooo close, but we were winning, mostly due to the two APC's, whose gunners and drivers had a combined kill count of 116! A full 1/3'd of the enemy's tickets right there.

HOWEVER!!! WE LOST that round in the last 30 seconds due to, and get this, a bunch of OMGWTFBBQ NOOOBS!! *pauses to control the rage* who ended up crashing 3 choppers on the carrier, 2 of which had multiple people in theam, dropping us from the score of US 15 MEC 5 to US 0 MEC 5 in the space of 30 seconds. WHY OH WHY DO NOOBS USE REGULAR SERVERS TO LEARN TO FLY!!!!??????

Edit: And that raccoon guy? His name is SAS|Raccoon| or something isn't it? I don't want to bad mouth him, I feel for the kid, he's eager and wants to try, but he talks WAAAAAY to much.

Raccoon, if you are reading this, you are eager, I respect that, I don't want to rag at you, but you need to talk less, follow what your squad leader says more, and just be a regular rifleman, medic, or engineer for a while until you get some experience under your belt.

2008-10-04, 16:18
lol you didnt drive us back to our main, we had a CP or 2 in between. i never meant to bash raccoon or whatever his name is, i was just pointing out another thing in the game that made me laugh. he is eager, but he needs to STFU. he was either always asking for a rally point or screaming medic over and over. and thank you and your APC squad for running those guys down 4 times in a row. i couldnt stop laughing. it was a 3 stooges kind of game

2008-10-04, 18:56
Hilariously unfunny. :\ What's funny is playing insurgents on Ramiel, while people are making highly racial comments over VOIP, causing the commander to get pissed off and resign. That's funny.

2008-10-05, 07:04
true, that is funny
but i still think my story is funny, and if you dont go drink water from a toilet! lol j/k

2008-10-05, 13:02
our commanders name was Hitlerbot and our squad leader was noob_3. not a good sign at all.

hahahaha :razz: