View Full Version : [AAR] Epic helo-hunting and marksmanship on Jabal

2008-09-30, 03:46
Well, I was playing as MEC on Jabal. The whole game was epic, but ill just skip to the most interesting parts.

I was providing support to a friendly squad (squad 2) attacking East Beach with my light AT kit while i was on a nearby mountain about 300m behind squad 2. (my squad (squad 1) wound up across the map cause i stopped to try and kill an enemy APC, but it got destroyed anyway). Anyway, a huey slick with an automatic rifleman in the side door flies in and OBLITERATES squad two. I look on in horror as the squad two icons dissappear off of my tactical map, but now the chopper is heading in my direction.

I try to hide, but its too late, the chopper has spotted me. He stares me down, then starts to yaw left to give his gunner a shot on me. He's about 200-250m away from me, so unfortunately for him, he doesn't see me pull out my trusty RPG-26. With no other option, i take aim and fire, seeing the rocket streak towards the heli and score a direct hit on the rear fusalage. With smoke billowing from the engine, the chopper crash-lands in a nearby valley that's about 250-300m away, then explodes. One crewman died in the crash, but 3 survived, and attempted to escape.

I fired upon them, killing one, then advanced about 100m and killed another while he tried to escape. I advanced towards my last victim, but a full enemy squad comes from East Beach, over the hill he's on top of to rescue him. The squad checks out the pilot, gives medical attention, and then I open fire. when theyre most vulnerable. i take one down, and the rest retreat behind a large boulder. A foolish medic rushes out to save his fallen comrade, but to no avail. I nail him too. Then the squad pops smoke and moves, and i notice rounds hitting awfully close to my face. I pop my own smoke nade, and retreat up the mountain, gaining an even greater height advantage. I fire on the remaining squad members, killing two, and the rest make a hasty retreat.

(that last engagement lasted 30-45min)

Later i group up with squad 2 constructing a firebase to stage another attack on East Beach. My own squad spawns there, and we begin preparations for a full siege. While organizing for our assault, a huey slick attempts to drop enemy Marines on our northern flank. Fortunately, our squad is stationed near the drop point, and I have a LAT kit. I fire and hit the chopper, sending it into a clockwise roll and watching it slam into a mountain, killing two crew members for my second chopper kill. My squad then mops up the survivors.

We skirmish some more, advancing towards the base and i end up dead. I respawn and grab a HAT kit. I regroup with my squad to the north just in time to see an enemy huey slick fly towards us. I take careful aim, and obliterate that heli for my 3rd heli kill.

we skirmish some more, and i die, this time spawning and taking a marksman kit. YET ANOTHER helicopter comes to drop off troops near our squad, north of our firebase. Our entire squad opens up with small arms fire on the heli. the pilot is killed, and the chopper spirals into the ground hard, catching on fire as it lands. two survivors jump out and open fire, but i hit one in the head with my G3SG1, and the other dies when the helicopter explodes, for a chopper assist kill.

We eventually move in and take East Beach and win the game, about 150-0 MEC win.

2008-09-30, 17:38
Yeah that does sound epic lol you must be pretty damn handy with the LAT! *Note to self, do not get in a chopper when ur around*

2008-09-30, 21:12
the trick is to be patient with that thing.

the best part of that whole experience though was seeing the green tracers flying at the heli spiraling out of control with the pilot slumped over the control stick.

Solid Knight
2008-09-30, 21:36
Last night I sat on the mountain side on Muttrah City with a HAT and supply box and managed to score four APC kills, five helicopter kills and a bunch of hummer kills. I remained hidden and only popped out if the rest of my squad said there was something to shoot at.

2008-09-30, 21:41
damn man! if you got a supply crate nearby, those HAT kits are total death. hitting an enemy heli with a LAT is so much more satisfying though cause you get to watch it lose control and crash.

Solid Knight
2008-09-30, 22:03
Yeah. I hit an Attack Huey with a LAT once. It was coming right at me and I taught it a lesson.

Anyway, the best part about last night is when a bunch of Marines were using a hummer as cover during a fire-fight. Fire missile at hummer. KABOOM! One less enemy squad (well, four guys actually).

2008-09-30, 22:18
One time on Al Basrah an APC came down the main North/South road. My squad scattered. I had an RPG, and I knew exactly where the APC was. As the APC turned west onto the East/West road, I came out on the far east part of the road. The APC was at the far western end of the road. I took careful aim and let loose an RPG at the back of the APC. *BOOM* I had nailed it on the back hatch and blow it to pieces. Oh that was a happy moment.

2008-10-01, 02:15
LAT is so rewarding when you use it well.

oh, funny thing that game, while i was fighting that squad, i kept sending messages in all-chat like, "you marines pride yourselves on marksmanship, and yet 1 lone durka is outshooting four of you at once." they eventually got fed up, and after they retreated, i heard an apc driving around looking for me. luckily i escaped, but then i came upon an apc dropping off troops. i was debating whether to engage or not, but the guy standing 20m away was too tempting. i shot him, then took fire and tried to escape, yelling "WHY DID I DO THAT!?" through the mic the whole time. they eventually killed me, ending my reign of terror.

2008-10-01, 02:35
retrospective vision is 20/20 :D

2008-10-01, 02:40
lol too true. :)

2008-10-01, 06:43
Nice hunting you did there ;-)