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2008-09-27, 19:39
...When you end up using your transport heli to take out tanks.

Here's the situation, not long ago, during the pr v0.75 era, the battle for Quinling commenced. While both the we, PLA, and the UK sent only two men to assault, though these two soldiers were biologically altered in order to reassemble their atoms back at base if they died. They were given roughly 10-15 armoured vehicles, two air superiority jets and a gunship in order to complete their mission.

Both sides tended to avoid the aircraft, especially the PLA. The jets had a nasty tendency to let one wheel fall off the runway when taxiing, and would often end up being catapulted 50 meters up while executing a sumersault.


Instead, when both factions destroyed each others' gunships, they had to commander their armour. With the PLA tanks having trouble climbing any hill with an angle of more than 10 degrees, the British Challenger was able to quickly capture both the mine and nearby village, and were able to assault the Chinese FOB before the PLA had time to reach any of their objectives.

When our Chinese FOB was finally neutralized, the British had destroyed our bunker, and then received an extra reinforcement to aid them in finishing us off. During our tank engagements, the sneaky soldiers had also brought another tank to the front lines. Things were looking dim.

By now the tickets were bleeding out, and all hope off much needed reinforcements had died. We tried time and again do take them down in our remaining armour, but they simply scoffed at our unsuccessful attempts. Finally, with no available armour to be shredded, we looked at our transport heli, with thoughts of some so-called "asymmetrical" warfare planned.

I reemerged as a combat engineer, and I placed a nice little c-4 present onto the nose of the heli. I instructed the pilot to fly high, then enter into a controlled dive upon the tanks. With me sitting in the rear, I was able to see right out the front of the cockpit and spot the tanks, which we were closing in on fast. Quickly, as we reached within 10 meters of ground zero, I pushed the big red button and blew us all back to the Stone Age.

Scouting out the area with our nanjing, we easily found the remains of the two challengers and the corps of our downed heli still hot between them.

With our tickets passed the 10 mark, the air siren went off. A smile took over my face. I knew that we did not lose this battle in vain.

Mj Pain
2008-09-28, 15:23
LOL, so funny.

2008-09-28, 15:38
Absolutely classy!

Gotta be careful though, some of the hardcore gamers will complain about you "wasting assets."

2008-09-28, 15:51
IMO a waste of assets if in mid game.

Then again there were only 10 tickets left so does it doesn't really matter. Funny story, though if you try it in mid round you'll probably find yourself banned in no time.

2008-09-28, 16:32
LOL, so funny.

Reminds me Of NickO Flying the Chinese Transport in The PRTournament Qinling..:p

Solid Knight
2008-09-28, 16:45
This is something I used to do in vanilla BF2 much to the disdain of other players. Although if I was with my friends we'd just fly over people or tanks and drop mines or C4 on them instead. The Jihadcopter is hard to beat.

2008-09-28, 16:57
1)Why bother with c4,u can directly dive on to enemy vehicles,less comm. required,less skill involved,less tickets wasted,next time of course...
2)Most of servers kick players for this kind of suicide actions.

2008-09-28, 17:08
kruder, the c4 allowed them to take out 2 tanks instead of one i'm guessing... =/ he said there were 2 challengers.... :D

Solid Knight
2008-09-28, 17:38
You put C4 on for several reasons:
1 - Increase the damage radius.
2 - To ensure the destruction of your target as your helicopter might not kill it via impact alone which depends on the angle in incidence.
3 - To increase the likelihood of destroying or damaging surrounding hostiles.

2008-09-29, 01:16
Ya, I don't waste assets in real games, but when it's two on three and you're running out of options, you make do with what you can :mrgreen:

Otherwise, I'm glad to hear you like my post.

2008-09-29, 16:34
I've used it myself recently while on Kashan. I was flying up along the northern border trying to scout ahead for our own armor when the engy in a MEC tank opened up on me with the .50 causing my vision to go bloody. I figured "what the hell, I'm dead anyways" and managed to dive on his tank killing it and all aboard. Good times...

2008-09-29, 18:57
:lol:very good read

2008-09-29, 20:22
There is nothing more satisfying than a good jihad, not in PR unless less than 10 tickets left, but in Bf2142 or BF2, chasing, then the jihad. Oh so fun :p

2008-10-04, 04:39
I did chopper death dive on the last 2 tickets to an enemy squad that was fun :)

2008-10-05, 01:31
TheScot666;813549']There is nothing more satisfying than a good jihad, not in PR unless less than 10 tickets left, but in Bf2142 or BF2, chasing, then the jihad. Oh so fun :p

Haha, on vanilla I used to go to servers that had no friendly fire on. No FF=No damage to yourself when using C4. I used to sit in this one corner on Kaarkand with my C4, and as enemy soldiers walked by, they'd get blown up, and I'd just get tossed up against the wall a little bit. Was funny how some people reacted in server chat.