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2008-09-26, 21:19
Ever had a guy who was just a screw up?

I was playing a round of Qwai as part of Zardof's (sp?) Jeep Patrol squad on the PLA. We had this guy (SCO/ENG-Oli123) who just couldn't seem to do anything right, let alone listen to Zard's orders. We began by building firebases around the map, from which we could later farm NanJings.
At one point a nanjing spawned, but was blocked inside local temple by the bunker; so I was ordered to remove the bunker so we could use the nanjing to begin patrolling. While I was waiting for the bunker base to disappear, Oli walks over and starts shovelling it.
Later, we're running convoy towards Mine, and I have the misfortune of being Oli's gunner. When we take fire, instead of slowing down and allowing me to fire with the other two NanJings, he breaks left and gets us stranded down in the swamp, only to attract the attention of an Army sniper; we escape unscathed.
It continued being comical for quite a while, so I began referring to him as Pvt.Pyle. I eventually was transferred to another Nanjing, and Oli was placed as our rear-guard gunner.
As we left base from rearming, Pyle opened fire on my humvee, killing me and my gunner. He was subsequently kicked from TG.

Overall, it was a fun experience, even with Pyle/Oli's antics.


2008-09-26, 22:58
Same guy was in my squad on Fools Road as IFV gunner and his mic fked up after 2 minutes so we pretty much ran the squad in silence.

2008-09-27, 02:05
I was playing Muttrah city today and the US APC's were putting a damper on our day, mostly due to 1 HAT guy getting killed, another getting disconnected, and some noobs in the BTR90 refusing to engage the LAV3 even though they are in the superior vehicle.

Well, since we were getting owned the MEC had a high turn around rate, people quitting and more people joining. This guy named Whittman joins my squad and the 6 of us take a supply truck up to east city, build a FB, and manage to neutralize the flag. We have a big battle, yadayadayada, eventually the FB gets destroyed and we're all dead.

Ok, so at this point I tell everyone to spawn at the MEC fortress. Everyone complies but Whittman, who promptly grabs a sniper kit from one of our bunkers. Fine whatever, I tell him thanks for following orders, but since he's up there with a kit, he can atleast give intel to us on the location of the APC's. Meanwhile, I grab a HAT kit and one of my squad mates grabs LAT. We then go ontop of the tower, waiting for the APC to come down the bay side road and attack our bunker so we can take him out. As we wait I take a look at my map and see Whittman going straight to the enemy captured east city. "OK whittman, you don't wanna listen to order, you're out." So I kick him from the squad. He immeadiately comes back in, asking why did I kick him, I say, "Cause you didn't listen to orders and now you're a sniper, I don't need you." I kick him again and lock the squad. A few seconds later I start taking sniper fire. I get down, move, take out my binocs and start scanning. Much to my surprise and see whittman and his sniper kit shooting at me (badly). Well, I tell him to grow up in team chat and move to a different part of the tower.

About 3 minutes later the enemy LAV 3 is down and we're leaving the fortress, I'm gonna grab an officer kit, give one of my guys the HAT, and move out. All of a sudden I start taking fire, then BAM, Whittman[Teamkills]-=WM=- Caboosehatesbabies. I respawn and bam, he kills me again, saying, "Like that you f*g, kick me will you, b*tch" Needless to say the fine people at RIP banned him quickly.

If you see this guy, don't let him in your squad, he doesn't follow orders and will TK you.

2008-09-27, 04:20
That's right, it's dangerous to suffer a fool.


2008-09-27, 08:57
did pvt.pyle react when you called him pvt.pyle? :D

2008-09-27, 19:19
Yeah, that's when he filled my Nanjing with lead.


2008-09-28, 09:57
lol caboose...

happens to me all the time, some people get really upset when they get kicked from a squad... thankfully they usually get banned from most servers because of their immature attitude

2008-09-28, 10:59
We made a CAS squad on barracuda, we were waiting for the gunship hueys when another person comes over and announces that "we shall not be getting those helicopters" (note, those exact words weren´t used). So after a while he TKed one of us. The he TKed him again on respawn. All the time we were laughing our heads off because there was effectively a server admin standing next to us in our squad.:) Then his clanmate later in the game after this guy had been banned decided to run us all over with a huey, including the admin. He didn´t last long either.:D

2008-09-28, 12:24
This guy has also caused me a problem once, i had the same issue as caboose. just I didnt get killed. He came back in after and started swearing at me so i kicked him then came back like 5 times and then forced me to lock the squad so I could squad lead and not deal with him. I later left the server due to noobish playing by th whole server.

2008-09-28, 15:48
There is a kick option.