View Full Version : Nearly Holy Grail

2008-09-25, 07:45
Well nearly got the Holly Grail of scores last night. Whole map without losing a member of the squad plus getting top squad. 4 members of the 6 getting 0 death's. ante9383 had a death when he joined the squad, so should have had 5 members with no deaths. Previous member was on 0.

Was a great map, Processing, government, estate finally PLA main. Was some great play by the guys.


2008-09-25, 09:03
It helps when you have a player in your squad with Dr. before his name and PhD after :p

Well played mate :)

2008-09-25, 09:25
Yeah Dr Funk the Grenadier :) not a band aid from him .

2008-09-25, 09:32
First thing I thought of (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuCoCYhJCqA). You almost made it! The perfect game, like bowling a score of 300, or a perfect game of pool.

Bows at your feet.