View Full Version : [AAR] Operation flaming iron death fist of Allah number 2

2008-09-24, 09:00
If anyone was playing US army on Tactical Gamer just now on Kashan, Ouch.
you guys got the snot knocked out of you by our two armour squads, 5 tanks and one AAV with engi's.. that was epic.

The operation kicked off to one of our boys saying "Theres no KY on the shelf, we're going to have to do this to you prison style.."

after capping all the points we gave base raping a whole new definition, there were so many HEAT shells and 7.62 rounds flying around i could barley see the americans being blow to pieces 600 meters away.

we finished to the infidels saying "please no more! we surrender!".

It was truley epic and I will remember it forever.

sorry fellas but i dont remember who was there in the entirety, but in my armour squad we had Wreckingcrew, Fligsnurt and icepepper, two other blokes with names i cant remember.

thanks fellas that was truley epic and i would love to but rape some more with you guys in the future

2008-09-24, 10:35
It was a good round. And a quick one.
But a relatively organized team won't really meet much resistance those hours, even if the server's full.

2008-09-24, 13:06
you where in our squad yeah? i remember you from it. and from ripping up the US on sunset city with the nanjing convoy. haha that was sweet.

it was prime time for aussies like wrecking and I, was about 6.30 pm where we are. but still and epic round, got a few tanks =)