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2008-09-15, 15:47
Squad Leader pointers

If you haven't read it yet have a read of Fuzzhead guide. Its a great addition to being a Squad Leader and good starting point.

Fuzzheads Guide (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f143-squad-leader-tactics/45625-fuzzheads-squad-leading-tips-project-reality-v0-8-a.html)

Right back to my world of squad leaders pointers

1. Comms
English is my first concern, I like to know that the people that I'm chatting to know what I'm saying. I'm happy if they can understand whats required. Voip is much better option so you get best response.

2. Kits
Try and make it clear what your after. If you going Armour your not going to need sniper kits. Tell the members or make sure your Squad name has it. Ask if people are good at any special kits.

3. Marking
Try and mark the targets for your members this will get a better result. Even the direction. Explain that the attack mark doesn't mean a point that they have to rush too. Then call for fire at that point and direction on the mark, right of it or left, below, behind.

4. Objectives
Keep an eye on the attack and defence markers. This is part of your job more than when you don't have a commander.

5. Praise
There's a lot about keeping members in check, but remember everyone likes some praise. Good work, Great maneuver. Outstanding shooting. Been a pleasure working with you guys. Top squad. Thanks for building that. Just a few things that make it a pleasure to play.

6. Keeping together
Remember that a disjunctional group won't be effective. Wait for member group at movement points. use them as stamina breaks keep the stamina. still keep them 5m - 10m apart from each other ( don't bunch )

7. Health
Try to encourage reviving over respawning. Ask if critical or respawn. Use your field dressing on members first if they see your trying to work as a team they tend to too.

8. Supply
It's vital now that squads be supplied. If you have a supply truck don't just drive off with it but think how can I help the side, not just my squad. but dropping ammo off for a squad then refilling and moving to your objective.

9. Swearing
I like to have people not swearing over voip,( want to do it do it off Mic ) it's annoying and only tends to bring the wrong attitude to your squad. The odd word let it slip. Keep it cool and the rest of the map will just flow by

10. Teamwork
Your know if your squads functioning well and proving to be a good squad with your Team score. It's amazing how many times as SL I get a poor K/D ratio but end up with a great score from getting a cracking squad that fulfill the PR ethos.


Everyone has a different way of working this works for me enjoy your SL your find that it makes the game. Smee

(SC)Smee [PR]Nato|Smee PR.Smee

2008-09-15, 21:02
Gotta agree. And I think compliments are a very good part of being a squadleader. Use them a lot myself as well. Also: Try not to get pissed or angry. Try to keep your spirit high and try to "bestow" that on the others. Dont say: We lost the defense so fall back! But rather say: Nice try on the defense, lets fall back! Well catch them there. Stuff like that. Altough I'm not a "famous" squadleader like some other dudes out here so Im wondering what they got to say :)

2008-09-15, 21:52
See I use an almost exact opposite way of squad leading that seems to be effective. Anyone that is in a squad with me will admit one thing. I am a complete asshole. Yet I am most often sarcastic. Hell I was playing Kashan Desert yesterday. Started out with a two man squad. Me and Reaper on Vent. We are infantry whores at heart so Kashan is never a good map for us. So Me as squadleader, I snapped up a Rifleman AA kit, Reaper had grabbed a Spec Ops kit with the thought, What the hell we can maybe do something. We setup on the ridge near the MEC main base and called out tanks, APCs, That kinda stuff leaving and basically hassling any helos that decided heading toward the two bunkers would be a good idea.

Low and behold we start getting nifty recruits. We picked up an HAT wielding to make tank life hell, I managed to nip an officer's kit and we got another AA gunner. The whole time I am yelling at Reaper and my other guys in the most idiotic ways. Reaper is saying something about moving, I'm bitching at him to go refill the ammo humvee if he wants to move so damn bad. Smithy is laughing at our bickering, We shot down two helos. Have a tank and an APC trying there ass off to kill us. The whole time I am being my standard sarcastic self. Finally we are stupidly low on ammo, Our AA guy the only 'heavy' weapon left. There is a tank and an APC spraying us when I hear from the commander. "Squad 4. Keep the armor busy. We almost have MEC outpost." So I have three of my guys trying to fall back when I order quite simply. "Regardless of dieing. These tanks don't leave. Throw whatever you have. Keep them on us." I've got 5 guys at this point shooting M4's, throwing frag grenades, smoke grenades. I'm shooting the side of a tank with my Beretta. We held that position without any support or AT weapons for about 7 minutes.

This whole time we are bitching about the most random things ever. "God who put the crates down the hill." "LOOK OUT! THE TRUCK IS SLIDING DOWN THE HILL!" "We should move." "Screw moving you know how much of a pain it is to rearm these trucks." "Still say we should move." "Take the damn humvee and reload it yourself, Then we'll move."

Mostly just lighthearted and keeping from the game being to serious. Its when the game gets to serious that tempers and teamwork has to be forced. When your around me its usually light-hearted fun that good teamwork just happens rather then forcing it. I say it to every new member to my squad these two points. "I am a terrible squadleader." and "I am warning you now, This squad isn't want you'd call professional."

That works for me. I say I am a bad squad lead and I am tactics wise but I tend to get the job done and most people walk (you flee in terror) from my squad saying they had a good time.

2008-11-29, 08:17
Smee, you make a great point at item number 5: Praise. For the most part players in PR are generally upbeat but there are some SLs running around that I have had the misfortune of serving under. Using shame to communicate displeasure is terrible for a group. For these SLs, belittling their squad is how they think they will get results. You have to wonder what is going on in that person's real life to be such an arse in PR.

For these SLs nothing is ever quite good enough. If the squad gets wiped out, it is invariably the SM's fault.

I joined a squad once and the SL had all of us say some stupid phrase. After we had all said the phrase the SL said how wonderful it was to be SL so that he could make people do stupid things like that.

As SL you receive respect by giving respect. Honest praise is a great way to show respect.

2008-11-30, 13:47
Think I got one more

11. Respawning

Make sure you coordinate where people are going to respawn if you start losing them. Tell them to wait at a spawn point if necesssary. Or instruct them to respawn at main and secure some kind of transportation if the squad is getting scattered.

2008-12-23, 21:25
Good guide, I often give praise

2008-12-23, 23:31
Good guide, I often give praise
Make it feel like a team, make everyone feel like they're friends. Then the comms loosen up, people start talking, joking, laughing, and you'll be really sad when the round is over and the group will be broken up.

Thats the best part of it for me too.

2008-12-23, 23:36
Make it feel like a team, make everyone feel like they're friends. Then the comms loosen up, people start talking, joking, laughing, and you'll be really sad when the round is over and the group will be broken up.

Thats the best part of it for me too.

Aye. There is nothing more fun than a squad who jokes around but then cuts instantly to seriousness when the need for ass-kicking arises.

2008-12-28, 08:27
Aye. Makes me laugh at all the silly jokes ive heard:D

I have even had people singing in the squad, which is hilarious, and they played of music from their computer aswell.. Was nice:)

2008-12-28, 21:03
Had a great time with an awesome squad lead last night. Playing insurgent on Korengal, he admitted he hated playing insurgent side and decided we were just going to throw ourselves at the Americans with little thought. We capped the US outpost and almost all of us had US weapons so the leader goes, "Hey guys, we just capped this outpost insurgent style, I think we should celebrate accordingly. One clip in the sky for Allah!" We all proceeded to empty m16 and SAW rounds into the air while typing "Allahu Akbar" into all chat repeatedly. Good times. Just have fun and the rest of the squad will have fun too.