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2008-08-29, 12:13
PRC-SL - Project Reality Certified Squad Leader

Player ID: |TG|Rough

I have had this thought for a while now so i figured i had share it with the Community.

We all know that PR attracts a large ammount of players widely across the world, but for a new player to feel at home you will need good squad leaders who actually take the effort to teach them somewhat what the game is all about.

There are many great SLs out there, but in most cases i see them locking the squad and only inviting friends so they can play with'em selves. I guess that could be fun for a while but in the long run i think it would get quiet boring.

Myself, I play on the TG server the most nowdays, you can almost find me on there on daily basis btw 10am-2pm GMT. I always name my squad "Core INF/Core Armor". What i require from my squad members are the follwing

English Speaking
Following Orders

Microphone: I find microphones/voip very useful ingames, because I and my squad can communicate witheachother while focusing on the gameplay, this would be rather hard if you're going to type the enemies cordinates/direction of assault.
example tree enemies NW of my position
when using voip you can engage the enemy while informing your squad about the situation, if you're texting its most likely gonna take your life.

English Speaking: Now my english is far from perfect, but i try to make myself understood in most cases. Sometimes i can start a sentence without ending it cause i have "lost" the words. I do not expect my squad members to speak 100% pure english, but aslong as they can understand my orders.

Following Orders: For those who have played with me |TG|Rough/[PR]NATO|Olsson, know that i will not take any bullshit what so ever. You only have 1 chance in my squad, you dissobay my orders you're permanantly gone from the squad.
I personally think you should assign kits in the beginnin, if my SMs would like to request another kit they are most welcome to ask me for it. Cause there might be situations when you need it really bad and well, you cant have it! .

I have heard multiple times that i actually live up to my name "Rough", im known to be one evil soab, anyhow ! to what im trying to achive.

I really gotta go to work now, so i will finnish this up sometime later today or tomorrow. ( I will also fix spelling errors ) lol cause i see there's plenty of them.


2008-08-29, 19:03
Start new map as SL.

3 minutes later in the game: SM 5 joins my squad. 10 seconds later. SM 6 joins: SM 5: "Jeez, that guy takes the game way too seriously!" SM 6: "Yeah, what is he thinking!"

I check the names of the squads... and as I expected, CORE INF in the house! Thank you for sending all the whiners my way ;)

2008-08-29, 19:08
I recommend Rough. Keeps his squad in check and accepts any player with a mic. Sorry I ticked you off once in-game. :p Pleasure playing with, a true PR experience.

2008-08-29, 19:11
with pleasure fishbone ;)

not to worry cyrax

2008-09-06, 20:13
Rough is a good example how you should work as squadleader in Project Reality.
Keep the good stuff coming!

2008-09-06, 21:37
I remember you! You were that power hungry SL on ghost train i had in .75! Remember me? I was the medic that you kicked for not reviving you in time, while the rally was down. And then you kicked the other guy for standing up for me.

How's it going man?

2008-09-07, 01:49
unfortunatly i dont remember that;).. I'm sure you deserved it

2008-09-07, 02:22
unfortunatly i dont remember that;).. I'm sure you deserved it

I really don't think so. It was my first time in .7 as a medic, And when that nade hit killing 3 out of 6 people in the squad. I revived the 2 rifleman first then went to you, But for some reason my shock paddles did'nt work on you. Even after I tried 4 times.

2008-09-15, 14:26
I think every SL has his own methods of playing. Normally I give a warning before kicking. Only have one player thats on my permanent bar from my squad ( that's another story )

With language and comm's in PR its very easy to be miss understood. If your new you should tell the squad leader this can make a lot of difference.

PRC-SL thats an interesting idea but what's the categories a qualified SL, I've been playing since 0.4 and must say there's a lot of different types of leadership. I personally try to lead how I like to lead.

Experience of players that you have in your squad can make a big difference too, less having to explain whats needed.

2008-09-18, 03:20
Experience of players that you have in your squad can make a big difference too, less having to explain whats needed.

That's true, easier to run a squad when everyone knows their business, but it also hurt my phasing in from vBF2 to find the only squads unlocked in maps the left-over and disorganized scrabble (i.e. more like me). No matter how 'real' PR can make the game structure, it'll never be too real, because us nubs still getting the swing of things will end up on the battlefield (there's no basic or OCS for military video games, just vBF2 vetrans).

Taking that truth, the best PR public-server SLs will always have patience for the nub in an otherwise experienced squad. Although I've only sorted out shader and PB issues a couple weeks ago, I find myself as a SL more than I thought I should. To help with other nubs, since I am learning myself AND trying to be a good SL, I delegate some teaching to other squad members while in-game. (Jackson-tell Futzpah what to do with his ammo bag) This may be the best way to recruit more PR fans who have made the leap, because the new guy isn't left frustrated that he just pitched his ammo bag in the field to the lashing from other squad members.

Anybody who disagrees with this (as a public server practice, not for closed matches), should think about what they do when on a transit across the map in a truck. helping the nub get used to the game beats pickin' your nose or staring at the mouse-laser, and delegating this task to another squad member gives you, the SL, more time to study the map, talk to the commander, and otherwise deal with your own job. That squad member, especially the one that's more experienced than you, also needs the kick-in-the-pants to cough up some responsibility. Teaching another player as a squad task (if handled properly by the SL) would bring more respect to the SL for trusting the squad, and give the experienced squad member a little more confidence to pick up that officers kit during the next round.