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2008-06-18, 22:14
It can be rather stressfully being in charge of yourself and the rest five of your squad. Even more because you will find players without VOIP, that don't join your squad with the teamwork in mind and run away to do something on their own and new guy's joining your squad making you even more temperfull and loosing it. The solution for this is to "split" your squad into two teams, ALPHA/BRAVO. That means you as a squad leader is to issue a fireteam leader responsible for the BRAVO team. That is you as a SL will get responsible for two players and your team leader for the other two. Splitting doesn't mean you will do two separate thing or be on different locations, it is just to facilitate for you the responsibility to make that everybody is sticking together. Your team leader will have responsibility, first and foremost he will be the main person that will communicate with the SL, that is it will facilitate for the SL not to hear 5 guys asking him questions all the time, instead being easier BRAVO team communicating with the team leader and team leader taking his own decisions but based on the SL intentions, or asking the SL if he is unsure. Your team leader will also be responsible for the kits issued on his team and making sure they have their kits as appropriate, example if SL want a medic for the BRAVO team the team leader is to make sure that there always is a medic on his team, even when a new player joins. SL FTL commuinication should be ideal. When the SL wants something he tells the FTL, and the FTL makes sure his guys are ready and up for it.
Covering eachother will be much simplier as you will move in two team, let's say you have to advance 100 m, you just tell your FTL to cover the advancement and when it's accomplished the ALFA team will cover BRAVO to reach out back.


2008-06-19, 02:22
wall of text. Fireteams are good, but the problem is finding a suitable FTL.

2008-06-19, 08:22
and some times its hard to get this organized w/ random players

2008-06-19, 09:25
Two clanmates in one squad can operate this easily. Six clanmates on a server can make three squads to work with this and so we have three teamplaying squads and the clanmates don't have to separate totally.

Could try some evening if I am drunk enough (:

2008-06-22, 02:53
nah this is easy, I do this regularly in urban combat esp. Basrah simply tell three of your squad that they are Fireteam BRAVO and the rest are with you and will be designated ALPHA.... You tell BRAVO exactly where to go and what to do "Go opposite the street from me, search the houses and I wanna see you on the other side by the main road... MOVE IT!" then tell your fireteam what you're gonna be doing "we'll be covering bravo as they do this" blah blah,

splitting into pairs is even better just make sure youre constantly bitching at them on mic where to be


2008-06-22, 22:12
Just yell at them to follow orders and say "WTF are you doing!!!"


Works like a charm.

So yes fireteams work, and you can easily coordinate 5 random players, but if you play PR alot, you will always play with someone youve already played with before.

And, i dont want to be picky, but isnt it called, Alpha and Bravo?

Anywho, its also possible to have buddie teams, in some maps that is better.

But if you want a good Teamplay, as a squadleader, just yell alot when people dont follow orders. Then when they get used to it, after an hour or so, then make jokes, then its like your family and you play like a well oiled squad;)