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2008-04-24, 13:24
This here is my first post, so bear with me!

I am a quite addictet PR-fan and have been working my way around many of the various versions of the game all the way back since .5
So i figured I might pass on what i've learnt during my tour in the latest incarnation of the game:

1 - USE VOIP! In general, never play PR without a mic

2 - You are the officer - command your SQ!

3 - Your SQ is your "kit", so use it to do things you cannot personally!

4 - ORBEY FOLLOWING! "LZ IS HOT! Heli manners as a SL" - find and read thread in the same menu as this one!

5 - You are the SLAVE of your commande! If he tells you to go build that firebase, you WILL build it! If this doesn't suit you, go commander!
(if he is a morron telling you to walk from one end of the map to another to build a command post -> mute and command as you find best!)

6 - So you want armor in the SQ? Go armor with the intire SQ, nothing as stupid as a single tank and the infantry being rather useless at the firefights the tank will engage in. I can recommend the tank squared principle as the most useful way to use armor.

7 - The morron with no mic who is running around with the SQ's A. rifleman in the bottom right cornor of Qingling -> kic from SQ

8 - respect vanilla-noobs with VoIP trying to make it work! Todays noob is tomorrows 'vet! - as mongolian_dude says. Just say/type "read the wiki?" If answer is yes, all is fine, if no -> kick from SQ.

9 - OFFICER KIT!!!!!!

10 - Your bad-ass r00x3r-h4x00r-lux00r harbringer of doom of an M15 is not what you win the battle with! yes your SQ has 100 kills between them but the rest of the team is being base-raped while bleeding tickets like hell. This is PR. Team-work, communication AND skills will win the day!

2008-05-23, 09:49
I love you stoffen :D
Damned awesome squad leader buddy.