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2008-03-25, 11:46
First of all I'd like to say hello to all PR players/devs as this is my first post in here. I'm watching forums since Jan '07, but didn't have any good reason to post anything. :)
I'm a polish citizen born in a military family and in the begining I've fully supported Polish mission in Iraq. But after 5 years of our presence in Iraq I have some doubts.
First of all, the only valuable profit for us, is experience from both battlefield and logistics. Polish army is now able to deploy soldiers in far territories and maintain their supply lines.
But we didn't get any economic profits. This stabilization mission costs us big ammount of money and probably this is main reason why we're leaving Iraq by the end of this year (btw, we should have do this 2 years ago.).
I would like to know your opinion about Polish presence in Iraq - did we good there? What were you thinking about Poland itself before war in Iraq, and now?

I thought about placing this topic in "Political Debate" thread in Off-topic forums, but finally decided to put it here to drag some attention to Polish Forces Mod (keeping fingers crossed for you, guys!).
If I made mistake by placing it here, I humbly apologize.

2008-03-25, 12:16
Hehe. Welcome to the forums and welcome to the suck! War sucks but thats our nature. :)

2008-03-26, 11:38
I would like to discuss about it, but my opinions would be too radical to post it on this nice forum :twisted:

... but I agree with you. "Political Debate" would be more appropriate place for this tread :D

BTW. Thanks for support ;)