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2008-01-08, 20:47
I got question- is there any possibility of polsh maps t single player- it can be beautiful if it ll be on 0.6 project reality sinle player... or can someone explain me how to make bots on some map?

2008-01-08, 21:24
As you may know there's no SP support for 0.7 yet, but the devs are working on it ;)
A Polish SP map may only be possible if it is in the original PR.
We just add SP support to the maps and make the vehicles SP compatible, and some other little tweaks.
I suggest u check out these links on the following page, i'm sure they'll help you out :)

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Hans Martin Slayer
2008-01-09, 10:51
here are some links about bf2 ai support:

(By Kysterama) This is a very good tut for the benefit of newcomers to the modding scene to give them some insight into the BF2 editor and its features for changing gameplay objects and using the single player tools, also includes navmeshing.
This tut is a must read.

Battlefield Single Player site... lots of help and usefull information here.
Battlefield SinglePlayer Forum (Powered by Invision Power Board) (http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattlefield.gamespy. com/forums/index.php)

battlefield editor forums, covers all aspects of the editor, there's also an ai section:
Official BF Editor Forums (Powered by Invision Power Board) (http://bfeditor.org/forums/)

2008-01-09, 11:57
oki but can i insert the 0.7 map to 0.61 make this single and play?

Hans Martin Slayer
2008-01-09, 12:48
we're working on that right at the mo. as soon as we have a working sp 0.7 (actually it'll be a mix of 0.6 & 0.7) - we'll post it at the sp section.

2008-01-09, 13:06
all right thank u

2008-01-09, 23:38
We just add SP support to the maps and make the vehicles SP compatible, and some other little tweaks.
If only it was that easy... you have no idea.
Like I spend 12hrs a day 7 days a week to convert PR v0.7 to SP.

2008-01-09, 23:45
yeah I shud've let out that "just" we appreciate ur hard work :D

2008-01-10, 06:20
but it's great job and very good effects :D