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2007-12-10, 19:21
Outlawz, Mitch & I, just uberpwned on Qwai River with the LOLTANK 8)

This will be a thread for us to tell about our pure ownage. I'll get some stories up later 8)

Here's a little tease:



The LOLTANK crew joined in the middle of the round. There were no tanks at the main so we decided to wait 5 minutes for the next tank to spawn.
In the meantime in the mainbase, there was the usual chaos with choppers flippin' over at the helipad, one guy got in the chopper and went afk.
We began to bounce on his helicopter. He told us to get away when he came back, then he proceeded to crash it.

Suddenly the next tank appeared out of pure nothing, and we jumped in it.

As the LOLTANK cruised up the road something dangerous happened to our beloved LOLTANK.

Actual TeamSpeak speak:

"Alright boys, lets move up and help them at the Government Office".


I heard a loud tone in the driver seat, and I saw the annoying red cross. Something locked onto us.

"SHIT, something's locking onto us!"

Something hurled out of the woods and hit the LOLTANK in the back.

"We're hit, we're hit!"

"Left side, left side, ambush!"

A TOW-Hummer was sitting there, and now it was pulling back at full speed.

"TOW-Hummer! Fire ffs! Fire the friggin 50 cal!"

Mitchverr on the 50 cal opened fire. I looked to the left and saw American infantry fall on the ground.

"Keep moving forward, we can't take another hit!"

"Switching to HEAT. Alright, go after him!"

The LOLTANK turned around and went hunting.
Our prey was just a little further down the road.

"There he is!"

"Then shoot him ffs!"

"I'm trying I'm trying!"


"He's down".

"Alrigh Mitch, jump out and repair the damage"......

2007-12-10, 21:47
damn we got rapedby the lol tank, we tried tows h-at but nothing worked lol GJ.

2007-12-10, 21:51
I should've been in the attack littlebird.

2007-12-10, 21:53
They glitched it on top of a mountain, didn't they?

2007-12-10, 22:26
damn it i always start loltank or LOLINARMOR squad

2007-12-11, 04:45
dunehunter;546925']They glitched it on top of a mountain, didn't they?


I should've been in the attack littlebird.

Yeah and spam us with lazer Hydra rockets. Don't worry, they did that, until I sent a HEAT round into the fookin chopper xD

2007-12-20, 01:18
awesome i see you guys at our Server 10th Mountains but you TK me 2 times one time with the Tank :ugly:

2007-12-20, 09:40
this little adventure had me chuckling...

i just hope this isnt a trend of squad names, roflcopter and Lmaofantry.

EDIT: 65-0 Outlawz?!

thats not a loltank, thats a OMFGWTFtank