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2007-12-07, 15:44
Ok i made a video of a Sunset City round on Tactical Gamer


This is part 1

Had a really tight good squad.. we kicked ass

Almost a perfect round for the USMC.. never lost a flag.

We were on the Riverside flag before our squad mates had finished capturing the Temple and we never left the flag for the rest of the round.

I made this to learn a little about Premiere Pro and show some good teamwork.

I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to my squad.. great group.

Korneziie - Marksman

Oregunner - Medic & Engineer

BCST Hathaway - SAW & Rifleman

Chuck77c - Rifleman

WolfGuTTs - SAW & Special Forces

2007-12-12, 08:03
Not worth a comment.. oh well end of my PR movie days. I take it, it's neither shit enough or good enough for comment. :-|

C'est la vie.

2007-12-12, 08:19
Its not shit, but not epic. half the vid is in the transitions.

2007-12-12, 09:30
i appreciate the feedback.. this was ment to be the 1st half.. but it was also ment to be a little different from; 'look at my leet skills' type vids that dominate.

It was ment to be a slow biuld up to a franetic fight at the end.. i just ran out of time, i might try and finish. But i have a feeling leet skillz and chopper vids will be what people want.

(heh man there is a lot of snow in this thread, lol)

2007-12-12, 18:13
video was okay, but needs less transitions, and more action scenes.

when showing someone shooting, be sure to show where the shot ends up, and show who is getting hit...

music was good but prolly could have condesned this video quite a bit and gotten a smaller package and more impactful first impression

2007-12-13, 07:34
thanks mate.. i appreciate the feedback.

2007-12-13, 22:22
Nice video. Yeah show contact, shots and results. Changing angles during the actions sometimes makes the action look like a completely different contact so be wary of that. Also drop the music. I hate music in action videos. Let the action speak for itself.

2007-12-17, 11:13
^^ cheers mate.

2007-12-17, 13:03
I liked it, but i like to hear the comms during game also. Maybe not possible because of the cut scenes i guess.
Wasn't there any armour one btw?