View Full Version : Pool Diveing !

2007-11-26, 23:10
Sometime the two differnt teams gets together for a laugh. This time its Pool Diveing on 16 Sized Jabal !


Signed SGM Olsen EEF

2007-11-26, 23:42
Yes, like it, but we need water in the pool

2007-11-27, 09:20
Gulf of Oman has a pool + water at the hotel. And a lovely diving board on the hotel roof.

If only we could do pikes, twists, and somersaults.

Devs!? :p

2007-11-28, 17:40
looked nasty for the guys that missed the pool :/

2007-11-28, 17:46
Banzaaaiiii *splat* :p

btw, whats the name of the song, really hilarious + there's a radio show here, that uses it as their theme melody :o

.:iGi:. Eggenberg4Ever
2007-11-28, 21:31
Yes, like it, but we need water in the pool

The pool on Jabal has got water in it, albeit somewhat filthy.

The pool attendants really need to get a bit more heavy handed with the chlorine.

If only we could do pikes, twists, and somersaults.

Now that would be fun.

Don't fancy seeing any of those MEC boys dressed only in Lycra Speedo's though :crazy:

.:iGi:. Eggenberg4Ever
2007-11-28, 21:34
[Double Post]

2007-11-30, 07:19
That's about to end soon.I think from 0.7 players will get damage or even die jumping in the water from high altitudes

2007-12-04, 17:17
Psh, should be a way to turn that off for water in pools - watching HALO jumps into a swimming pool would be hilarious :p

2007-12-05, 10:01
Hey I've couldn't believe its possible to survive jump from such an altitude and i thought they were reviving after landing in pool.
But I was totally wrong, here everything is possible!

I don't remember when i laugh so much on bf2 movie :lol:

2007-12-05, 21:54
lol HALO jumps on 0.5 Basrah were great The insrgenst would look up and see a BH hit a target then a pistol round to the head. Great. And once i layed a RP in the other pool on there with water. They never found the RP even when theres was about 20 meters away.