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2007-11-25, 01:08
The following is the (un)confirmed whereabouts of the infamous Charlie Squad, NATO Defense Force, Campaign 2, Project Reality Tournament.

SL- Dr Rank- Ranky still frequents PR, now as a mapper for the DEV team. He can still be seen snooping around PR servers on occasion or catching up w/ old friends on the PRT Forums.

1st NCO- Duckhunt- Now training for the Royal Marines in RL, and all round legend. He kicked more ass for Charlie than the entire C2 Delta Squad combined ;)

2nd NCO Squidy- Squidy has not recently been spotted, but they say he is doing better than ever. Right on medic, right on. Squidy is teh l33t pwnage machine.

Gordy.dk- Gordy still hangs around PR, although he hasnt been seen much as of late. Still a living legend, buy him a pint and let the stories roll. The man had a saw and knew how to use it. Always putting himself in a position to cover and supress.

Wormeaten- Wormy has been "spotted" as many times as Elvis, although he has not been in the public spotlight since his days of RFAD in C4. 'Nursey' is a living legend, more rivives than most of us have had hot dinners.

Jaymz- The Irish Sound Designer has recently taken up a DEV job, and can be seen laboriously perfecting the G3 sound from time to time on the PR Test Server. SERIOUSLY l33t.

Kinote- Brings new meaning to the turn 'UNSTOPPABLE'. ALWAYS comes aways with amazing KDR's, if we let loose the Kinote the rest of us can put our feet up.

MrMong- The team derelict, he has been spotted roaming the PR World, but is sadly still recovering from the gruesome execution via F18 nose cone. Mrmong is and always will be a living legend. He was our own 'Claymore Disposal Kit', always willing to throw himself onto them, even if we didn't need him too.

AC3421- Always on song, never missed a beat. He's dissapeared off the radar, but it would be great to see him back.

Viper- We had the pleasure of Viper joining us here and there, generally kicking some butt whenever he joined us 8)

2007-11-25, 02:18
Most of these members have been last reported floating around the RGG clan, perhaps under new aliases:


2007-11-27, 02:31
I am ALIIIIVEEE, i post here when im not banned.

2007-11-27, 08:16
yeh man, that charlie squad was full of noob!

Delta was where it was at!

2007-11-28, 20:53
i found incriminating evidence of you DELTA



Dr Rank
2007-11-28, 21:26
You're forgeting our AWESOME 1st NCO, Duckhunt ;) Just edited your post

3 DEVs in one tournament squad + other l33t squad members = maximum pwnage:



Ah, the good old days! *sighs* 8)

2007-11-28, 21:31
ahhhhh mate we killed it. Viper you werent in charlie were you?

my best days of pr, and so many fake medals!!!

2007-11-30, 13:57
Dr Rank;538550']

Which map is that at start?

2007-11-30, 15:34
Those truly were the days. Like I said to Ranky on msn the other day, we'll have a Charlie reunion when 0.7 goes out the door.

appreciate the kind words viper:-)

2007-11-30, 16:36
I 1/2 joined 1/2 was kicked into Charlie Squad after my troubles with Ranger and Co. for the final 2 battles :)

2007-11-30, 16:37
Or you nub nubs could've joined C6 and hopped in Charlie Squad with me, Fuzzhead, Rico, Casualty, Kenwayy and co. We'd be teh pwn.

2007-11-30, 17:02
i tried to join a recent tournament but i was way to busy to do the practices and battles so i gave it in.

2007-11-30, 20:40
Teh pwn? Until you come up against CATA II. We are going to rock you.

2007-11-30, 22:00
It still is fact that Echo C3-C5 sqdn was,'Teh Pwnzer_Faust'.

Shame i cant say the same for ALL of NODF/NARF/USEF:lol:
But yeah, now i think about it I can!

We had Alpha lead by SoF, who knows how to lay it to the soldier and surprise, surprise, is now in the marines!

We had Bravo lead by T-Bonus who kept his orders short and sweet, yet they said a thousand words.

Charlie was lead by Mr.Gordy and assisted by a fair few other Scandinavian boozers from the .dk Clan. He was loyal to the order and held the line like a blazing demon. Whenever the enemy took a flag, you knew they paid for it in heavily in tickets.

Then there was Blind, the leader of the SF unit, Delta. He was just so damn good/clued up, no one cared if he outright insulted them, he was just too right. A bit of a Maverick in his own.

Then there was Dukemeister, Echo's flight leader, whome studied under the great Rezjah himself, Ace and terror of the skies. Duke had the hard job, as its not always the best Pilots in PR who want to fly. I recall hours of short-timers failing tests and transfers into other squads and reserve pilots etc. But He pulled it off, and well, which is proved during The legend of Greasy Mullet, echo's shining moment.

Foxtrot....hmmm. Not particularly disciplined; not particularly collusive to the team; and not very punctual. Szarko was pretty much the only member i could stand from that outfit, which was nice because he was the SL.
The absence of Foxtrot (the 'supposed' dedicated armour squad) during the legend of greasy mullet, which was when we needed them most.

The golden man though, was our CasualtyUR. Patience of gold and will of steal. He kept his cool in the most controversial of times.

I miss those days:(


2007-12-04, 15:52
pfft aeroplane squads dont count

2007-12-04, 19:42
pfft aeroplane squads dont count

Your right, they dont count as squads. They count as squadrons:mrgreen:


2007-12-04, 20:03
*Mumbles something about having the most kills of any member of Echo Squadron and on a ground map*

2007-12-05, 01:35
I love how this turned in to a I R teh more 1337 then you thread

2007-12-05, 05:00

2007-12-05, 20:35
This one was so good, i had to save it in it's own folder:lol:

MEDI|xW0LFx']we used the assault rifle on our UGLs more then the gun itself :p



2007-12-09, 21:41
i found incriminating evidence of you DELTA



Son of a B*tch!!!!!

Where did you get that picture from?

That was suppose to never get out.

Dr Rank
2007-12-10, 22:50

2007-12-12, 02:11
Well shit, apparently I never registered for the regular PR forums.

\o/ Huzzah, Kinote lives!

Dr Rank
2007-12-12, 02:40
Charlie reunion over Christmas lads? Online for a couple of evenings with the old gang? Jaymz has already suggested we get everyone from Charlie back together for some gaming, it would be awesome to fight alongside you all again 8-)

I really miss my mrmong too :(

I also miss dishing out some good old fashioned squad level punishments:


Now you all know why Gordy's server is called 'Charlies Firing Squad' :mrgreen:

2007-12-12, 10:20
Dr Rank;548062']Charlie reunion over Christmas lads?You can count me in, Rank. Relive the good ole days. I would even skip christmas dinner for that ;)

2007-12-14, 01:04
On a sidenote, this post is to commemorate the baptism by fire of Mongolian.

A summary of all of C3:

Location: Dalian Plant
Sitaution: 2 US Cobras are supporting NARF assault on Chinese Airfield

Griffon2-6: Target ahead, hold up
Mongol: Roger
Griffon: Missile away
*[PR]NARF|Griffon2-6 [Teamkills] [PR]NARF|Dukemeister*
*[PR]NARF|Griffon2-6 [Teamkills] [PR]NARF|Viper5*
Griffon: W00t nailed that guy
Viper: erm, what da feck?
Duke: oh my god
Griffon: 1 enemy chopper down!
Mong: yeah, nice shot!
Viper: erm, what da feck?
Duke: oh my god
Griffon: What are you guys talking about?
Mong: No clue. Duke?
Viper: erm, what da feck
Duke: oh my god...

To summarize, Griffon decided it wise to TK the Cobra crewed by the Air Squadron's 2 NCOs.

2007-12-16, 08:50

2007-12-19, 12:33
I WILL PLAY PR AT XMAS TIME DRRANK, i left my computer mouse and my microphone at uni but i will play anyway!

2007-12-19, 12:38
Reminds me of something else...I, as a SL, and 3 other guys are crossing an open area, with the squad sniper supporting us (yes, it does happen).

Sniper: I have some people inbound on your position, permission to engage.
Me: Wait, we're taking cover.
Sniper: They're hitting cover, engaging.
Me: Wait, you sure you're not looking at u...I'm down! Headshot, don't bother trying to revive me.
Sniper: Boom! Headshot!
Me: Uhm...you shot me.
Sniper: Oh ****.

Atleast we all had a laugh.