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2007-11-09, 08:54
I'm not much of a story teller (well actually I'm an aspiring author...) so I'll get to the point.

-Jabal Al-Burj

Our front line had been clashed and interlocked with the forces of the MEC for a few hours now, around every corner of the city an ambush of some sort. Our Blackhawks were keeping a steady train of fresh soldiers moving into the city. The MEC were funneling men across a bridge not 50 meters form my position, my squad had been cut down to only one man; Me. The enemy had managed to place a firebase and bunkers on the bridge, forming an effective roadblock; thus preventing our forces from moving in for the final strike.

I came down an alleyway and out across an open street, the sound of a firefight echoed from my right, though I kept moving. I ran up the steep, rocky ridge, I could clearly see the enemies position on the bridge. They had Vodnik after Vodnik crossing the bridge, full of men, I was a but stressed for a tactical solution. I decided to try a risky, rather simple assault. I ran down to the shore line undetected, slipping into the water and slowly swimming across the river while below the bridge. As I neared the opposite shore, the bridge was partially destroyed, lightly damaging the swelling defenses above me.

I walked up the shore and prepared to move up behind the enemy. I checked the level of ammunition of my SAW and it was good. Everything was perfect, I waited for a Vodnik to cross, it stopped and the occupants hopped out. I ran up the bridge and lay directly flat on the ground, a perfect line of fire upon the 7-11 enemies in front of me. I pulled the trigger and sprayed rounds into the flank of the enemy, I didn't stop firing until my weapon was out of ammunition, I quickly jumped over the side of the bridge and reloaded. Across from me, I saw several more enemies running up a river bank, I refreshed the chamber and fired a few rounds across the river, killing two enemies. I ran back up ontop of the bridge and again fired until I needed to reload. The enemy position weakened, our forces were able to rush the bridge and seize it. At the end of the day I had managed to cause horrid casualties on my enemy, without them ever knowing where I was.

So uh, yeah. Thats what happened.

2007-11-09, 09:49
yea good round on tactical gamer but it was dumb for our commander to put that firebase there cause he also blocked our cars from advancing (and you guys have helicopters and amphibuous APCs to attack us with)

we were in the APCs most of the round

2007-11-09, 10:43
Don't you just love these stories :).

2007-11-09, 12:34
hey... I was there too with Fuzz :D That was a nice round but our team was a little bit lazy I must say.

Nice story.

2007-11-09, 13:36
your forces was drunk

2007-11-09, 17:38
Yeah, I know :) One of them at least some Lt. ;) But he was funny :)

2007-11-09, 19:23
Wait, I killed you guys on that bridge? Awesome :D

2007-11-10, 12:04
No, not me at least and not Mr Fuzz. We were fighting in MEC APC. But we saw the genious idea of putting a bunker or firebase or... well, everythin that was there on that bridge :)

And I saw the explosion you were talking about it was your engeneer and his C4, died in the procces.