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2007-11-06, 22:07
I was in a merlin and had just droped about 2 squads off in 2 runs at suburbs when u heard the M82. I was taking shots as the foot guys ran to cover. They got behing a wall and opened fire. I got out and ran to base. On my way for a med evac i took about 10 PKM rounds. Nothing big but i got reapirs. then as i took off I was flying over the Southern part of the city when i say a RPG come from the south and miss. Then i saw 1 from the north and miss. Then as i was flying near the hotel 3 guys all with RPGs kneeled up and fired. 1 Hit, 1 barley hit, and 1 missed. My alarm was going off and my medic in the back told me that when he fell out he saw the merlin on fire. i baled out.

As i moved. i kept seeing RPGs coming off that roof. So i knew not to go near it. I used small movements to cover myself and then a Ambusher was running yup the road torwards me. i knew i could not beat him up close but i have a chance at long. I fired 5 rounds into his face and chest killing him. Then I ran to mosque were I told the insrgenst the merlin pilot was alive and had the locations of 4 caches. i got a PKM and got on a high roof. They came running to get heavy guns and were shot. Then when I ran out of ammo I got another PKM and moved. When i saw a group of insrgents in a car turning down my street. they had justed stoped and backed up. They must of saw me so i laid down behing some boxed and got ready to fire. As the came by all i heard were rounds from Shotguns, AK's and even a PKM coming out of the car. When they passed i kneeled and fired Anyone on the cars roof were killed and the car was on fire. I found out after it set off i had kiled a whole spawn car of insrgents. when i started towards the desert I saw another insrgent moving a spawn car behind some boxes.

Just a munite ago i had picked up a British Spec ops kit. i watched the car to see if they spawned. Once they all left the car i moved in quietly. I got 10 meters a away when a civi truck jumped right over me and then I ran for teh car put 2 SLAM's and ran away. i was then shot by a sniper but not before I killed 4 caches, and 2 spawn cars. I also killed 10 people on my rampage through the city.

2007-11-06, 22:16
I really hate it when people write 'teh' all the time.

Other than that, sounds like a blast!

2007-11-06, 22:22
fixing the mistake. Sorry about that.

El Verdugo
2007-11-22, 23:37
This is a good story, reminds me somewhat of Black Hawk Down.
It sucks that you were shot, must've been intense.