View Full Version : Muhammad the Sniper

2007-11-05, 16:42
Yesterday I was in the battle arena on Al Basrah playing as an insurgent defending the cache at the back of the city and I had the Mosin Nagant. I went into a balcony of a building and sat there with the rest of my team waiting for the British.

All of a sudden, and a very poor decision, a whole British squad starts climbing the big ladder at the hotel building, and I started shooting at the top 3 guys, killed them and then the other 3 guys get to the top and hide. About 5 minutes pass and I've shot two others, with one remaining. The whole time I was spotting and text-ing there location to my team and as my guys tried to go kill them, the last brit camped the roof and shot them until he stuck his head out and I nailed him. Really crazy how many of my guys tried to go up and kill him. :lol: