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2007-11-03, 19:43
Mini update

http://images30.fotosik.pl/106/586c782973b7e42dm.jpg (http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/586c782973b7e42d.html)
http://images31.fotosik.pl/31/215dcf0a6f6768f4m.jpg (http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/215dcf0a6f6768f4.html)


http://images24.fotosik.pl/29/8a24934057d07313m.jpg (http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/8a24934057d07313.html)
http://images24.fotosik.pl/29/a5aeb8cce4fdd9cem.jpg (http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/a5aeb8cce4fdd9ce.html)


2007-11-03, 19:47
Looking real nice :D Love the sniper rifle :)

2007-11-03, 20:11
bloody beautiful

2007-11-03, 20:14
very nice:D

2007-11-03, 20:17
That's some quality stuff right there.

2007-11-04, 01:54
Great job!

2007-11-04, 03:06
Great Quality.

And if anyone sees this post, am I banned? I log on from the normal way and i can't see any forums. I have to log on at a thread and then im able to post, is this a bug or ban? I didn't receive an email, i can't check my pms, and theres no way for me to know whats going on

2007-11-05, 17:52
Great Quality.

And if anyone sees this post, am I banned? I log on from the normal way and i can't see any forums. I have to log on at a thread and then im able to post, is this a bug or ban? I didn't receive an email, i can't check my pms, and theres no way for me to know whats going on

Dan, I can read your post.


2007-11-06, 09:00
Damn, I didnt know that poles have sako┬┤s rifles! Cool!

ryan d ale
2007-11-10, 00:07
Quality toys. Can't wait.

2007-11-10, 00:29
nice job

2008-02-17, 09:03
damn dude, this is nice. we dont even need skins for those bring them on!!

2009-09-17, 21:48
Sweet necro!

2009-10-13, 07:23

2009-11-20, 14:38
woow.. great job..
cant wait for this mod^^
i'm living in switzerland and my mom is from poland ;) love this country:D

I've done a swiss mod^^

2009-11-20, 15:57
Even more finnish stuff, soon we could start up a finnish faction

2009-11-20, 18:49
Chajajaja, perkele! Hopefully we can see a Finnish faction at some point. :P

TRG looks good.

2009-11-20, 21:11
Hi Igor, I just wanted to ask you if you can share with us your Sako TRG-22, we wanted to create it too for our faction but its useless to create it when you have one. So pm me please thanks btw great job on all models ;)

2009-11-20, 22:05
RedfoxCZ you have to contact with Ragni, he is in Gibraltar wright now and he will be back in middle od november(he should be). I dont know is he back but you can send him PM, I dont think that he will be making any problems and he will share with you with that model.

As far as I know they want to make some finishing touch on that model. PM Ragni and you will know everything.

2009-11-21, 06:18
Thanks Goly, will contact him asap :)

2009-11-21, 06:26
If anyone needs HI res photos of the SAKO Trg 22- or 42 series, give me a PM. I can get several within a matter of minutes, and I ve shot them several times. Just give me a hollar

2010-01-15, 02:27
Nice models dude cant wait 4 em :D Also is anyone making a PM-83 machine pistol? If not i was thinking about 2 versions a basic model & a Spec Ops model. The Spec. Ops. version should have a red dot sight or an Eotech Holosight. Also maby even a custom 75 round mag since i know the PM-63s used by certain special polish units :wink: during the 70s & 80s had custom 75 round mags as well as different extended barrels that accommodated silencers :D The PM-83 Spec. Ops. version should also have a silencer. I have no proof of the custom PM-63s other than my fathers word. He says he was in the Polish special forces during the 70s. His unit had no name & no uniform (says they were based at a tank base n wore the same uniforms & black berates as them) Their only symbol was a arm patch ?? of a black cat with pointed ears? I'm guessing it was a black lynx in a ready to pounce pose. His unit reported directly to the Polish ministry of defense & Counter Intelligence(Kontur Wiwijat :P excuse spelling) His unit was the sister organization to GROM which had a different name at the time but served roughly the same role in internal security. He was a Sargent & in command of a 5 man team during the end of his military career. He also claims to have seen action in Czechoslovakia & Bulgaria supporting Spetznatz units. He served for 6 years before he quit & later moved to East Germany for work. Well anyway a PM-63 would be nice and if u know anything on the matter with this unknown Polish Spec. Ops. unit plz contact me since i live in the US, am 1st generation American, & unable to read or write in Polish research for me is difficult. I just want to know the truth & confirm weather or not such a unit exists.

2010-01-19, 12:48
Sorry to dissapoint You, but P-63 Rak is no more in use. Even the newer P-84 and it's late version Glauberyt are now considered obsolete. They are/were replaced with Mini Beryl - short version of wz. 96 Beryl assault rifle. I saw Glauberyt in hands of post office convoy security guard many times more then in hands of a soldier.

Special forces, thanks to American supply, are well equipped with worldly renowned arms, such as HK-416.
Never heard of unit Your father mentioned. I'm gonna ask on polish army forum.
Also Kontur Wiwijad - Kontrwywiad

2010-01-19, 15:27
hockler und koch is a germany company :P

2010-01-21, 00:19
Looking very nice. Keep up the excellent work.:thumbsup:

2010-01-21, 02:13
Thx dude didn't know the PM-84 was replace yet :shock: I know it was old i jus thought there would still be some left in stock. Anyways thx for the help on meh fathers unit. id do the research myself but i never had the luxury of learning how to properly read in polish :P I can speak in polish tho XD.

2010-03-01, 21:52
Are PR devs intrested of putting this rifle in PR? I'd love to see this rifle in the game :P
I was about to bring this TRG22/42 idea up, but there was already one topic here. I have too modelled this about a year ago for my own sniper simulation game, but if PR devs find this useful I could give you the model, unanimated though. It is just under 4000 tris(2000 polys).

(Not 100% ready and textures are more like place holders for now)

Here it is used in my game :)

2010-03-07, 13:06
looks promissing

2010-03-07, 14:10
Yeah, man! Nice--Keep it up!

2010-03-08, 03:34


2010-03-09, 13:54
I took some extra images fo Ragni's request and I though I'd share them here too:
TRG42 pictures by TuPP3 - Photobucket (http://s160.photobucket.com/albums/t187/TuPP3/TRG42/)
(11 images in total)

I see that the Polish forces schedule says for TRG22 "Modelled, needs some final tweaks" so I might be too late, but anyway, I'd love to see this weapon in PR, modelled by me or anyone else :)

Btw. If you spot anything on that gun that need more detailing or re-texturing, please point it out so I can fix those. I have been looking at that model for too long so I'm used to possible faults in it :)
Critique is very important for project like this...

Note that the weapon doesn't have any normal mapping in those images and those are rendered in 3Ds Max default renderer. With normal mapping those smoothing groups wouldn't be so dominant throught the body of that weapon.

2010-03-09, 14:02
No perkele, that looks really nice. :D

xatu miller
2010-03-09, 15:08
No perkele, that looks really nice. :D

Did you mean "No pięknie"?. God you are horrible at polish, i mean what did they teach you at school?

*crashes a few choppers on public about it

2010-03-09, 17:07
Did you mean "No pięknie"?.

No. He did not. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perkele)

2010-03-09, 21:15
Srsly, stop revviving old threads...