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2007-10-30, 23:00
Not so long ago I was playing insurgency. I was in a good squad. After we destroyed first cache VCP got atacked and went neutral, so we rushed from the desert villige to VCP. We got seperated, some of us killed. I spawned on the airport.

I entered the merlin, pilot took me over the city, where we were hit. Merlin wasnt badly damaged but pilot got scared and landed by the bridge far to the south from the city.

After that pilot was missing in action. So the merlin was sitting there. My squad decided to rescue it, but I was the only person that could pilot it. Another squad noticed downed merlin and decided to rescue it aswell. They didnt have a pilot, but we told them that our pilot will be coming from the airport very soon.

The other squad took an APC and a Landie, my squad leader took a landie we went to the chopper, me as a pilot. We went thru the city, merlin was protected with an APC, Landie and the rest of the squad 2. And all were waiting for the pilot being escorted in the second Landie. I got to the site, Merlin was repaired in the meanwhile, I we could finally take off.

It was very nice, all the teamwork, and a side-quest - rescuing the "downed" merlin :) Wish there could be more actions like this. Maybe objective game mode, or roleplaying on the servers.

Thank you for your attention.

2007-10-31, 00:00
i've done this a few times, it's fun, but a landed merlin as an RPG-Magnet.

Reddish Red
2007-10-31, 14:20
I was the Landrover driver i think, it was hillarious going back and forth between airport (I got killed by a Suicide Truck once :D), and then you did well in Merlin.. unfortunaly tickets went down :(

2007-10-31, 16:01
yea i remember that i was guarding it and we where sitting around wait and i was praying that we weren't spotted by a Jihad car it was a fun round. ow BTW the pilot had to land because of bad lag. iwould know cos i was in the it:D that was a good squad play

2007-10-31, 17:26
sound fun

2007-11-02, 23:57
I once hit a landing merlin with a rigged jihad bike :)

.... speaking of helo's on basrah - once killed a blackhawk in flight over north VCP with C4 on the road in .5 :P

Good times!

2007-11-05, 16:08
once i jumped ontop of a apc (as a insurgent) and sat on it for 5 mintues wile he gurded the VCP. I was killed my a friendly umbulla kumbulla *granade*

Reddish Red
2007-11-05, 21:39
I remember I was trying to defeat i tank without engineer, so in true holiwood fashion i jumped onto of it threw a grenade inside it, boom nothing happened.. fortunaly the new sound he din't hear a grenade going off on top of him.

2007-11-06, 01:09
Once in 0.5 basra, my cobra lost engine power after I was killed in the Cockpit (I think, but in any case I died), My Gunner and the Cobra drifted to the ground NW of palace immobilized. 2 squad mates and I hop in a BH and fly across the map to a location just across the river from Insurge main. We manged to get it operational and fly it back home with out any insurgents finding us.

2007-11-07, 00:14
I once hit a landing merlin with a rigged jihad bike :)

.... speaking of helo's on basrah - once killed a blackhawk in flight over north VCP with C4 on the road in .5 :P

Good times!

me too

2007-11-07, 19:51
speaking of rigged bikes, last week i was playing insurgence as a insurgent and half way through the game there was a warrior west of the wearhouse on the the ledge next to the pipes and 1 tryied to get it with a bomb truck and failed so i got ambush kit, rigged a bike and went through the city and to the docks. came out of west enterance and went full speed. as i went up the ledge i went ino flight over the warrior and detonated. that was my 1st jihad bike kill great fun:twisted: