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2007-10-30, 03:49
as PR gains more popularity and more mainstream gamers, making the experience almost arcadish, i can't help but remember .6 beta, where everyone was from the forums and there were hardly any smacktards.
the devs were usually on the server with you, and civilians would collaborate with the british on al basrah.

took some screenshots of my favorite moments in beta

we made a prison for our one civilian with our shiny NEW! command assets.

an aribic man could ride a merlin without being strip searched.

the insurgents were coordinated

we had to protect the civilians who were collaborating from their own teammates.


anyone could ride the merlin

naughty civilians were "dealt" with

merlin pilots were captured

and executed outside of their own aircraft

the british had a spawnpoint at the palace


it wasn't so much the content from beta, but it was the players.
anyone else got any screens/stories from beta?

2007-10-30, 05:30
Destroyable runway!
notice lack of bottom compass, we where all 1-manning, and we fought and lost to another 1-man dug in at the outpost.
pesky bugger

2007-10-30, 12:09
god i miss the al basrah roleplay

2007-10-30, 18:43
Ah, those were the times...

I remember the one time where a civilian started walking in front of the Landy I was driving. He was probably going to show us where the weapons caches were, but at the time I didn't realise that. I was going slowly behind him when suddenly I thought, "This might be an ambush!" and promptly ran him over trying to get away. :razz:

2007-10-30, 18:46
they were. But hey who needs them we have 0.6!

2007-10-30, 18:55
Remember that, 75% of the team was civilian that time :p

2007-10-30, 19:25
I loved the round, where I was in fuzzhead's squad and we were defending the palace the whole round. Insurgents furiously attacked, everyone kept shouting for ammo and medics, and the Insurgents kept coming out of everywhere till the slaughter ended.

2007-10-30, 19:28
Ohh... The open beta...
Those were the days on bashra....
It was a feeling like no other, going upp in the apatche for the first time, to see if it was just as delicious as the cobra had been on 0.5 bashra..
It was dissapointing, there was no shiny flash or anything, but it was beta so it was cool.

Taking off in it, you felt like the king on his hill, both with the pros and the cons..
The good parts was that you coud take care of any bugger you saw, regardless.
The bad parts was that the longer draw distance ment that .50`s were a mutch bigger threat..
But it was good, nOONE of this bullshitish rushing towards the VCP, becuse if you poked your head outside of the city, I whoud be there to greet the moron with a smile, a cup of tea, and a wall of lead.

The insugrents had to defend the pile`o`ammo`s a lot more, becuse if they did not, Somone with a big smile and a cup of tea/noodels whoud be there to blow it to mary jhonsons land.
It was good, helping out squads who were pinned down, knocking those pesky civies off those god cursed lightposts, aswell as taking care of those idiots who went swimming....

Ohhh yeeess...
Open beta bashra, the closest we ever came to a 0.5 bashra with the 0.6 kits and toys...
Becuse nothing, beats 0.5 bashra, it was an epic map..

My 2kr.

2007-10-30, 19:42
I miss the beta basrah....the civi's actually served a purpose then, now they are just moving bright green targets for the new guys....

2007-10-30, 22:58
I miss British that didn't knife civilians on sight :(

Like for instance I was playing as a civilian and a british guy got shot, I ran up to him and dropped some field dressings for him then promptly got shanked :(

2007-10-31, 10:31
^lol. i remeber that i was playing on Basrah and teh Insrgents had just kill 6 men at village so we got 2 Atack helos in teh air and 2 APCs over and had the helos use 2 missles each to start the atack. Both hit the 2 Story building. once they got closer the inf were at the river and we were fire surpport, by the time the battle was over 2 caches were gone by village and it was leveled to the ground. The Battle ended without another person going in or through village.

2007-11-01, 19:26
What i mainly remember for the beta was the map lists.

Mestia > Basrah> Mestia> Mestia> Mestia> Mestia> Basrah> Mestia.

Thank god its not that way anymore.
its more like:

Mestia> Basrah> Street> Mestia> Mestia> Mestia> Mestia> Mestia> Mestia> Mestia> Mestia> 7Gates> Mestia

I actually remember abusing you when on that 50cal, protruding from the runway, by firing the odd 50cal round a few feet from you lolski.
...Wierd, i need to get out more:(



2007-11-02, 14:01
Checkpoint roleplay ftw!

Noone ever does it anymore though :(

2007-11-03, 00:03
Lol mongol, you sure do hate mestia, .......

I sure hate mestia....

no offense to ( who made it again /shrug )

...... god no more mestia, but .6 basrah is fine in my book

2007-11-06, 16:12
We need a .7 beta!!!
And i shall search for some old beta screens :)

2007-11-07, 21:13
people roleplayed yesteday, cant remember the server but i was killed by rocks from a traitor :D