View Full Version : Talk about timing....

2007-10-28, 05:02
I was playing OGT on the TG server and it looked like it was almost over so i joined a small "Spec-Op" squad that was up near the british main (the brits had every flag except out main)the 4 of us started moving out and the squad leader began saying "Dont shoot unless they fire first" at that very second I watched a british engineer come out of the bush directly next to the squad leader and fire 2 shots (or so) into what looked like my squad leaders head, the engineer managed to take out the rest of the squad besides me and one other guy who (while moving back to our main base to help) began blowing up bunkers, AA guns etc etc basically wreaking havoc behind enemy lines lol

2007-10-29, 00:58
Dont you hate it when that happens...
But still, if he dosent see you and you manage to sneak up behind him, I dont see any reason why you coulnt kill 'em (with da knife)