View Full Version : Jihad Truck for the win...

2007-10-27, 05:21
( No screenshots, though I did spam my button for xfire like a retard. )

Playing al basrah with the my usual buddies, and squad lead decides were going to suicide bomb on the TG server ( Negative point autokick )

So I know I have to hit a person or get kicked and probally not get back in ( Good night! )

I drive my truck down the main road north, hoping to hit an APC coming out of their main, and I see one whos already crossed the northeastern bridge heading south, hes heading to the factory fences on the river.

So I follow the apc screaming my cantina music, and low-and-behold there is 3 landrovers and a rally point, and infantry abound

TAKING NO FIRE FROM OPFOR I rush in and detonate the jihad truck ( With C4 headlights :D )

7 kills for that moment, then I kept saying "Oh my god" and couldn't find my xfire screenshot button :(

2007-10-27, 19:14
yea taht happened to me today, driving down north road to VCP when i start blazing cantina music, they all look at me and fire hopelessly at the truck and when i hit their command ost i blew up killing aload of guys and blowing the 2 bunkers on each side and command post. after i was typed "ALLAH AKBAR" and laugh my head off:twisted: JIHAD CARS AND TRUCKS RULE!!!!