View Full Version : Very Bad Game On Oilfields...

2007-10-18, 21:37
about 40 minutes ago I was on Tactical Gamer, my favorite server, and we were playing Kufred ( I know that is not spelled right) Oilfields. We start of like normal taking taking the closest capture points. Things start to turn sour when we lost oil storage and when our commander wasn't doing his job. So everyone is now stuck at main base and then the USMC players bring all of their tanks and APCs up to the main base and start hammering us. From that point on there was no hope. This all tool place within 20-30 minutes. Not a good day...

2007-10-19, 06:30
Interesting, it's usually the USMC that badly loses

2007-10-19, 09:30
Unless you have unbalanced team at the start and few good tankers on USMC side who will rape Main MEC base from a distance like it had happen yesterday on TG server where I joined at the end of that battle. I felt like back to vBf2 :shocked:

2007-10-19, 14:11
Yeah, Kufrah on TG's is always awkward.

One time I was MEC commander and the T-90s did not camp the US main, yet the other team whined about being base raped and admins ranting all over the global chat.

Then when I was on USMC, all the T-90s camped the US main and said, it was not against the rules (TG has strict rules about such stuff) as it is called "cutting off enemy supply lines"


2007-10-19, 15:05
If they weren't firing directly on the main base it's allowed..

If they were whining about them baseraping you should have said there was no-one doing it since you were commander and you can tell.

Any problems on the TG server just go on teamspeak and speak to an admin, they'll sort any breaches of the rules out there.

TG is the only server I play on, unless it's un-admined then I just pick a random server.

2007-10-19, 22:10
Hey I think I saw you BloodAce.

And yes they were definitely baseraping us as they would blow any vehicle up the moment it spawned.

But anyways TG is the best server as a get an amazingly low ping (usually around 14) and almost all of the player are GREAT! This doesnt happen to often so i can deal with it. oh, today I was playing on Thors Brigade and I had a crappy time as I would join a squad and then they would ask me to leave... this happened 3 times in a row. There also was no teamwork.

2007-10-20, 00:12
Yes i agree TG is very good server even if base rape happen from time to time ;)
There are great players battle over there and I've occasion to see awesome team organization(during public battle and without a commander!) then on any other public server even with commander.