View Full Version : Nice game on Zatar Wetlands

=GGZ= Spliffeh1984
2007-10-18, 16:45
Thanks everyone in my squad on Zatar wetlands earlier on, on the TacticalGameServer or something like that. Beautifull teamwork, never had a team that listened so well to orders. Ok true, we lost, but hey it's not always about winning! At some point we found an american RP in the open and my squad and myself were just lying on the ridge shooting everyone that spawned, lasted like 5 minutes before they stopped:twisted: Was wicked fun! THANKS PR GUYS FOR MAKING SUCH A LOVELY MOD:mrgreen:

2007-10-18, 17:39
You can just open fire on RP and destroy it, they're pretty much vulnerable, no need to spawn camp :|

Then again, you'd have to be stupid to spawn on a RP, after you know, its being camped

=GGZ= Spliffeh1984
2007-10-18, 20:54
well...that was...kinda our point:p

2007-10-21, 14:22
I rememebr that round Spliifeh.... i was your spannerman for some time keeping your tank alive whilst out in the open. Yeh that enemy RP killfest was slaughter too. Much fun.

BTw outlawz.., that RP was set right near MEC main right in the middle of a field.., he must've been a dumb squadleader to put it there, not to mention the squaddies that kept spawning on it time after time..., oh the body count!