View Full Version : (abit off topic) how is this community mod doing?

2007-10-18, 04:07
i have not seen any activity here since acouple weeks when i started to view these forums. Everything ok :???: :(

2007-10-18, 06:28
just? :P

Red Halibut
2007-10-18, 12:25
On edit. I take it all back. I forgot to look at the forum before posting.

Bad Fishy. Bad.

2007-10-18, 17:41
Let's see... well it's true that thing don't go as fast as we whant to but
1st we have our own private forum and comunity forum on www.battlefield.pl site... so we don't post here much
2nd we just post thing done in some stage (like model done, need texturing or model textured) we just don't post half done models etc.
3rd We have whole bunch of things and models already in some stage that we have to end... after we will done thing's we have right now it will be about 50% done... then we will have to do:
-transport heli
-support car
-2 maps
And this will be end... ;)

2007-10-19, 13:25
and models of sniper medyk driver and pilot are already?

2007-10-28, 03:41
No bo kurwa male literki i nic nie widac.

2007-10-29, 23:18
No bo kurwa male literki i nic nie widac.