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2007-10-14, 11:14
I had a not-so-pleasant experience a couple of days ago, which I gave some thoughts about but I'd like to see your opinion.

Me and my clanmates were playing on our favorite server with about 40 players, on the map Bi Ming, but two of our guys had to leave pretty early, so our number decreased to three, with me as squadleader -- no RP.

We had a commander which at first sight seemed to be a good thing. It was our squad that was able to capture the South-West CP early in the game. We stayed to defend, the Chinese managed to neutralize it, but we -- with additional help -- could recapture it all the time.

Then the commander got an idea: blowing up the bridge near the SW controlpoint, to stop the enemy progress. We were the first squad to get to that area -- although I had my doubts since an APC could cross the river anyway and on a night-map swimming trough isn't impossible too -- but we didn't die and did not have the kit to blow it up, instead we kept the bridge under monitoring.

Soon the commander sent half of our forces to that bridge, strangely it was still standing after I retreated to the CP to check what's going on there. Well, we got slaughtered there. The first respawn option was an APC in the middle of the Munitions dump: proved to be a true deathtrap exiting the vehicle. Then I tried to come from our main base, but got shot by some stalkers on my way.

So I made up my mind, we should try to capture Bi Ming. Since one of my squadmembers was still alive in the siege of the munitions CP, he could not join, thus the other guy and me tried to infiltrate. We found a whole squad and a rallypoint, we both got killed, but they had about one survivors too, and no RP anymore.

I gave it another chance, this was the time the Commander started bugging me with defense of the "slaughterhouse" and verbal insulting, calling me a crackhead :? and d**khead :shock: and it just got more insulting. Also a couple of our teammates -- seeing the commander's typed slander -- started nonsense flaming too.

Just a couple of seconds before we could neutralize Bi Ming, the ongoing combat in the SW came to a loss as the Chinese made the CP grey. We were not able to capture Bi Ming after this, and the blame was put in my neck. I think this was the point when I made my first bad decision: I issued an order to attack the SW control point, fortunately my clanmates were more sane then me. Maybe because they didn't hear the commander's b*llsh*tt*ng coming at me.

- The result was still pretty close: we lost with about 8 tickets, but it came from a short advantage against the Chinese.
- The commander although he was very suggestive verbally, he didn't build any assets.
- My argument started with the old wisdom: the best defense is offense, I felt that the team got slaughtered while they were stranded in the small shacks.
- Even if it was against the commander's will, we made nice progress.

Any comments?

2007-10-14, 12:02
Idiots happen.


2007-10-14, 12:44
Should of initiated a mutiny vote and booted him off the position if he was really a problem.

Reddish Red
2007-10-14, 13:55
I've had Commanders like this, on Jabal a few days ago the command constantly told me to attack Dam, even though we where under heavy attack at West beach (We where the only sqaud since i managed to get a RP up) fed up, we moved to dam.. only to have west beach going down and us defending the white flag Dam. The Commander then blamed us for not protecting west beach.

2007-10-14, 16:21
Should of initiated a mutiny vote and booted him off the position if he was really a problem.

Gave thoughts about it... after the map. :mad: In the thick of battle, I briefly refused to obey. But as I felt the moral of the team was like "three n00bs disobeying the good commander's orders". So even a mutiny would have failed I guess.

2007-10-14, 17:43
I know some servers have rules stating you must follow CO & SL orders but you have to think for yourself some times.
Never leave an flag undefended unless there is another squad nearby that will defend.
Years of watching this happen and I still get PO'd when I see the whole team shift from a recently taken flag to a gray or enemy flag.

Sometimes this is very, very boring.
Last night on Kashan the squad I was in consistently ignored (ger)TERROR's orders to attack North Bunker because we were the only squad on South Bunker and 3/4 of the team was on North.

We sat for at least 10 minutes with nothing going on and luckily it was an experienced disciplined squad and nobody wandered off.


If you leave it they will come !

2007-10-14, 18:23
Oh the wonderful times, when you need the whole team on one CP and they still can't capture it.


2007-10-14, 18:24
BTW... you did pretty well on Jabal last night and I was not being sarcastic when I said that.
Maybe if squad 8 wasn't packing bowls at the city while we were getting hammered at the dam we would have won.
Trust me, if I am going to insult the commander I will do it terms that all can understand.

2007-10-21, 19:23
I agree with your decision. Unless the commander is standing right next to you, he cannot have complete situation awareness.