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2007-10-06, 01:42
Playing Ghost Train today had a good crack as the Chinese much to the Brits despair. Squad leader was QuantumMagic and the squad also consisted of spideroncoffein, Doom721, Johnny Mustapha and Farks.

In this map Heavy AT can be deadly so I decided to take it from the start, heading east in the squads APC, over the river to take and hold north bridge. Our genius commander decided to put razorwire around the whole north bridge bunker so our squad was in fact trapped in and around bunker for about 10 minutes as the Brits relentlessly tried to push us back, the Heavy AT firing away non stop helping to keep them and the APC's at bay which was all good fun. Managed to get killed once but the SL kept the HAT "alive" so I was ready to go once spawned back in, still pinned down and hugging the north bridge bunker walls on the outside.

A lull came in the fighting and we managed to move out and get our whole squad into the tunnel, my HAT still in hand and plenty of ammo available... for the next 10 minutes or so the Brits tried to dislodge us from the tunnel flag, but with each opening of the door 6, 7 or 8+ would be sent flying to their deaths as the rockets hit home from the top floor. They kept coming every minute or so allowing me to reload, and not once did we get knocked out from our defensive positions. Over and over they tried rushing in, each time getting no where, it was simply a massacre. I must have fired off quite a few rounds into the train tracks by the tunnel door thanks to being resupplied by my squad.

44 kills later the round was ours... once the next map loaded it was quite amusing to hear the Brit team talking about it, saying they were going to get me for it, IGI eraserlaser pulling his hair out etc!

Good times!

2007-10-06, 08:33
lol nice mr HAT whore :p

Aint thought about using the HAT for the tunnel defence, may be worth a try :)

also see your other team didn't have a commander :p

nice work! :)

2007-10-06, 11:06
yeah hehe...today we took 2 light ATs and one Hevay AT and cleared the ghost train flag base with all the trenches...wasnt very fair but highly effective launching 3 rockets inside of 30 secs into the trenches...

to be fair the brits won though...

2007-10-06, 12:56
I love OGT I wish it was played more often on servers... has a lot of variety to it and can get some really good teamwork going. Not usually a HAT whore but it has its uses even in a non armour map like this one. Another map like Ghost and there'll be much love sent your way! :D

2007-10-06, 16:04
I had much fun on this map yesterday on T&T server, defending the North Bridge with 2-4 people, including commander at all times, as the rest of the team was hanging around South Bridge.

I thought, that hiding places for RPs on such a small map (1x1Km) aren't many, but a 15 minute RP hunt proved otherwise.
Also, situational awareness and stealth is the key on this map, I had tons of enemy troops going past me hiding in a shrub :p
One time, I was hiding next to the train bridge on south side and had a Chinese Rifleman next to me and he didn't even notice me. I made a quick decision and shot him, when I had the perfect chance to knife him :(
I did manage to knife a marksman on the mountain peak, though :D

2007-10-06, 16:32
iGi are notorious for using AT in my book :P

That was a hilarious round, running to shut the tunnel door and back, rummaging through british kits... ended up with a SAW dumping ammo inside ;)

2007-10-06, 16:46
Ahh that was yesterday night... fun round :D

2007-10-07, 22:36
Yep, that was a good round! I was the one who kept resuppyling Rico. 8-)

2007-10-08, 08:36
IGI eraserlaser pulling his hair out etc!


iGi are notorious for using AT in my book :P

certain members do, i personally never use em... rifles ftw!

2007-10-08, 12:28

certain members do, i personally never use em... rifles ftw!
hell yeh! minus the M16...

i sense this has something to do with Freshmeat....

the one time i use HAT has an Anti-infantry weapon is Hills of Hamonyang

blows the sh*t out of dem bunkers!

2007-10-08, 16:52

Check the screen capture...

2007-10-08, 17:58
lol rico didn't know you played PR. Only just realized it was you back from BF2.org and totalbf2, I'm the same rhino from back then :)

2007-10-08, 20:07
Aye it is me.. hello mate. The TotalBF2 gig was a while back now tho! Only really started playing BF2 mods again since leaving the police a few months back.

2007-10-08, 21:39
Aye it is me.. hello mate. The TotalBF2 gig was a while back now tho! Only really started playing BF2 mods again since leaving the police a few months back.

we have both come along way since bf2.org, i wonder if any one still uses that site any more :p

2007-10-08, 22:34
Lol i very much doubt it, not many did even when it was in its prime!

2007-10-09, 04:31
You guys say HAT like it's a bad thing. Rico isn't lying about not using it much either. I'm usually running around with it. ;}

2007-10-16, 02:06
Nice score u got there!

Yeah...tunnel and the HAT.

If u like the HAT on OGT then u should give it a try on Street.

True pleasure if its the kill score that drives.