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2004-09-01, 18:37
Our friends over at Battlefield2.us have posted an interview with DICE, a few questions have already been answered by playing Desert Combat, but here is a good one:

Battlefield2.us: On the subject of material penetration, will different caliber bullets pierce increasingly tougher material? For example a .50cal machine gun should penetrate through thicker material then an M16. On the same subject will bullets have realistic physics such as fall off and ricochet?

Lars Gustavsson: Our projectile system allows us to do everything you mentioned so watch out for those ricochets!

You can find the full interview here here. (http://fuzzy.phpwebhosting.com/%7Eb4ne/battlefield2/index.php?page=interview1)

Black Beret
2004-09-02, 02:41
That's good news for us. :)