View Full Version : hoping over a wall can save you life

2007-09-27, 22:05
I was playing on Al Basrah a while ago as a british soldier, my squad was regrouping in that village area just outside of the old facility flag. The 1st time we walked up that way we were attacked and we had thought the area was fairly safe to regroup at. During the fight moments before i fired off my light AT round at a truck and needed some ammo, one of the riflemen threw me an ammo bag but it fell over that little stone gate thing so i jumped over and went to go get it, one of my squad mates went over with me. Right as my squadmate hopped over the wall a jihad car came screeching out of no were and took out my entire squad besides me and the one squad. the moral of the story is kiddies ALWAYS HAVE SOME ONE WATCH FOR JIHAD CARS!

2007-10-04, 10:33
lol thats just luck.

2007-10-04, 14:07
hahah! moral of the story is make sure you are behind of cover!

2007-10-04, 16:52
RikiRude;501230']hahah! moral of the story is make sure you are behind non-destructable cover!

Fixed for accuracy. I had a grand old time in the warrior last night laying waste to insurgents who thought they were safe hiding around the corners.

2007-10-04, 17:44
For the Insurgents the moral of story is: Always have a second car to kill the survivors of the first Jihad car

2007-10-04, 19:05
lol thats just a good thing huh.