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2007-09-27, 19:58
I was playing that vanilla map with the huge dam and the US aircraft carrier, and I was at the West Beach holding off an APC when I received word that the Commander needed a guy with a shovel at the East beach. When I died, I respawned at the East Beach as an engineer and got the command post set up. I then helped build a bunker so that people could go AT when a US APC arrived, taking it out. This happened again, and again an AT guy took it out.

Had it not been for the bunker and the AT kits it delivered, the East Beach would've fallen to the APC just like the West Beach did. The Commander also set up an AA quad gun at a hilltop, and my Squad Leader (or Commander) ordered my squad to build it. Two engineers got to work and had it ready in no time.

People, please actually respond when the Commander asks you to build fortifications. They're incredibly valuable in so many ways. As a side note, you may want to ask your squad leader for permission first, as mine kicked me when I was all of a sudden all the way over at the other end of the map. But hey, the Commander told me he needed the bunker fixed, so who was a mere Squad Leader to complain:razz:?

2007-09-27, 21:22
Jabal isn't a vanilla map...omg, how can you even dare to say that? :|

2007-09-27, 21:52
Beg your forgiveness. It's that I had memories of playing it earlier, but that must've been an earlier version of PR, then.

2007-09-28, 16:39
I think the dam itself is a giant static from the vanilla Kubra Dam map, and the overall texture/color of the map is similar so the confusion is understandable, but Jabal is infinitely better because its A) a PR map, and B) its not a pointless vBF2 map.

But yes, if the MEC team can get one of the beaches and fortify it with a few commander assets, they have won the round, full stop.

2007-10-01, 10:49
Jabal isn't a vanilla map...omg, how can you even dare to say that?

thats funny, i thought it was!

Cant agree with safekeeper more, he's spot on, and if more SL'ers pay attention to the commander, then you'll find the team will do alot better!!

2007-10-02, 01:21
Another prime example is the full fortification of the vehicle checkpoint of the insurgency map. I once played as a British Squad Leader and took it upon myself to defend the check point. We repelled initial attacks and held the checkpoint long enough for the commander to fortify it with a bunker, AA gun, sandbags, and razor wires. We repelled some minor attacks and then the insurgency stayed away the whole round. It was incredible - even the APC parked outside the camp, right there in the open, was untouched. No one dared came near (except they took potshots at us with RPGs from far away towards the end of the round). I think they may simply have been too intimidated to mount an attack.

It was a bit boring, though, just sitting there at this huge AA gun atop a bunker with nothing but tumbleweeds to fire upon.

2007-10-02, 16:58
Bunker anyone?:-P



2007-10-11, 18:30
Thats ... thats ... brilliant!

2007-10-11, 21:12
That's great :D
Imagine the faces of the attacking chinese players when the door opens and a Landie comes out, guns blazing :P

2007-10-12, 02:07
bosco;506255']That's great :D
Imagine the faces of the attacking chinese players when the door opens and a Landie comes out, guns blazing :P

Hehe, unfortunately that was me and another iGi messing around as the enemy team only had 3 people. But it would be awesome in a full game!