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2007-09-25, 14:16
After some requests a few weeks ago I decided to post a wee story I made up, on the mighty PR forums.
Alright, this is not exactly a Project Reality ingame story, more like a fiction "front-line" story from WWII, that KP inspired me to write ;)

I don't know if this is the correct section to put it up, if it should be in the Off-topic section then sorry for that ;)

Anyway, here we go:

The seargent looked around in the French house. The blood on the wall. The empty casings on the floor.
They had taken them completely by surprise, quite amazing when you think of it, and wiped the enemy out.
He put a new magazine into his Thompson sub machine gun, walked down the stairs and left the house.

Outside the house the troops were forming up. Parachutes were still in the air, and many more yet to come. The Seargent walked over to rest on the garden fence.
The quad cannons could just be heard in the background, Flak 38 vierling 20mm AA guns.
Suddenly the early dawn was lit up by a huge fireball, one of the C-47's went up in flames above them.

Seargent Moody leaned back and closed his eyes...

The men started yelling, as one of the soldiers got hit by something. It took a second before they realised what had happened.
In the valuable second another man fell.
Everyone were now running for cover. Moody quickly opened his eyes and looked abit puzzled around, then he started yelling orders.
The men took positions in and around the house.

A machine gun opened up, bullets hitting everywhere. A burst cut right through the wall and sent wood shrapnel flying through the air.
Another burst ripped a soldier apart. Bullets landing everywhere, tearing holes in everything and sending shrapnel and debris flying.
The men were getting pinned down in the house and falling one by one as the enemy kept firing and firing.

Was it really going to end here? Pinned down in a French farmhouse the night to June 6th?

An explosion shook the ground.
Just the break they had been waiting for. Quickly they got up and opened up on the enemy.
"Get that 30. cal set up!" Someone shouted.
A soldier carrying a heavy looking machine gun ran up to the window and began to unfold the bipod. A loud snap was heard, a light was seen.
The men fired in the direction of the light, but too late, the round went right through the machine gunners head and he was dead on the spot and the machine gun fell out of the window.

Another explosion blew a hole in the roof, quickly to be followed by a second explosion, landing in the middle of the building, levelling the entire
second floor.
Moody realised what was happening, the Germans were advancing towards thier house and almost the entire squad was killed. Only him and three others were left.

The men could hear a halftrack moving in. They needed to think fast.
A plan was starting to form in the seargents head.
”You see that silo over there?”
The men nodded. They could hear German voices coming closer. Another shell hit the ground near them, sending dust and dirt in the air.
They ran.

The Germans behind them yelled something, and fired upon the running men.
Projectiles were whistling right past them.
They reached the silo. A bullet hit the stone wall a few inches from the seargent.
”Everyone inside!” They entered, and took up positions on top of the silo with one man covering the door.

The men heard German voices outside. What were they up to?
The machine gun fired again. The rounds were going through the door, ripping it apart.
A few seconds later the door was gone and the Germans charged in.
The man covering the door shouldered his carbine and sent 15 well placed bullets to the enemy and killed them all.
Through the smoke he heard something heavy dropping on the floor. In an explosion he blew up.

Now there were only three brave men left; Sgt. Moody, Cpl. Walker and Cpl. Baker .

These men were all part of the 101st Airborne Division and had been dropped behind enemy lines the night before D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy, to seize control of important positions and to prevent German reinforcements from coming to the beaches.

Now they were the only survivors of thier unit and were trapped in a French silo by German troops.

Moody went over to the ladder and looked down. It seemed clear, but you would never know. He pointed his sub machine gun at the hatch, ready to kill anyone who would dear poke his head up.

”Walker, find somewhere you can get a good shot if anyone should come.” ”Baker, get a grenade outside.”

Baker grabbed a grenade from the pouch, pulled the pin and tossed it down stairs.

They heard German voices shouting and then an explosion.

So far so good, the silo should be clear now.

”INCOMING!” Walker shouted, ”They're coming over the field! One of them has a rocket launcher!”
He fired his carbine. Two rounds hit the man with the rocket launcher, he stopped, got to his knees. ”GET DOWN!”.
The rocket flew through the air and blew a hole in the silo wall, dust everywhere and shrapnel flying.
Walker, Moody and Baker were lying on the floor.

Coughing they got to thier feet and looked around disorientated.
A man was climbing up the ladder, Baker grabbed his gun and fired four rounds to the mans face.

Walker got up and starred at the massive hole in the wall. He heard German voices again.
He moved closer to the hole and squeezed his eyes to get a better look through the smoke.

Moody jumped on his feet and grabbed his Thompson.

The smoke dissapeared and Walker now had a clear shot on about ten Germans moving in.
He fired, and killed. Baker joined him and they emptied thier guns. Only four of the advancing men were left standing, but Parker and Baker were reloading.

The machine gun fired again. Baker heard a loud snap and felt something cutting through his right arm. ”I'M HIT!” Two more rounds hit him before he hit the floor.
Baker hit the deck and rounds were going through the wall just above thier heads.

Moody fired his Thompson down the hatch.
He heard the click of doom, and with a great roar he reached for his knife and jumped down the hatch.
Walker crawled over and looked down the hatch, still with machine gun rounds flying close over his head.

Below him was Moody standing by the wall, holding a German soldier, with his knife by the Germans neck, using him as a human shield.
Another German soldier was standing in the other end of the small room, he was reaching for another clip for his rifle.
Walker just starred at the scene. Then he remembered what was going on.
Moody caught his eyes.
He reached for a new magazine for his M1 carbine, put the magazine in the carbine and pulled the cocking handle.

The German soldier was taking aim at Moody.

Walker shouldered his carbine and fired. The German dropped dead on the floor.

Moody cut the throat on the man he was holding and let him fall.

They heard the sound of a halftrack moving in. That meant more enemies and heavy weapons.
With Baker wounded upstairs and ammunition shortage, the odds were not looking good.

The thing rolled in and opened up with the machine gun on the roof.
The rounds cutting through everything sent both the seargent and Walker to the ground.

The troops dismounted and moved in. The first man was at the door step. He poked his head inside and took a look around.


The halftrack went up in flames and American voices were yelling. They moved in, guns blazing, and took the Germans by surprise.

The Leutenant walked up to check the silo.

”About time you guys chose to show up!” Moody coughed.

”Yeah, we ran into some resistance along the way.”

”Ah well, we made it through again. Got any smokes?”.

Hope you liked it, :)

2007-09-25, 15:58
Cool,great story!!!!
U should make some more!

2007-09-26, 01:59
Awesome story bro...start writing some books. I would buy them;)

2007-09-26, 13:51
I'm glad you liked it :D

52 views, 2 replies lol. :p

2007-09-26, 16:53
Make that 3 :D