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2007-09-15, 22:06
Right, so I got up this morning, thinking that I'm gunna spend my day playing PR, I haven't been playing very much lately so I was looking forward to it very much.
However I was to be proven wrong. Very wrong.

First there was trouble launching PR properly, with a little help from the PR community that was solved pretty fast though :)
So I played PR for about half an hour, then Prince came back form Uni for the day, so we planned on owning up the pubs. I don't know what happened though, he went afk for most of the day.

So I continued playing for another half hour. Then I realised I was on low supply of wax, so I hurried down town before the shops closed.

I ate lunch then fired up my comp again, played PR for a bit. I got bored of the smacktardness on the SHAFT-GO server, so I left to write on my "action scene" inspired by KP. :)

Here's a little preview if you want it :p :

The seargent looked around in the French house. The blood on the wall. The empty casings on the floor.
They had taken them completely by surprise, quite amazing when you think of it, and wiped the enemy out.
He put a new magazine into his Thompson sub machine gun, walked down the stairs and left the house.

Outside the house the troops were forming up. Parachutes were still in the air, and many more yet to come. The seargent walked over to rest on the garden fence.
The quad cannons could just be heard in the background, Flak 38 vierling 20mm AA guns.
Suddenly the early dawn was lit up by a huge fireball, one of the C-47's went up in flames above them.

Seargent McIntosh leaned back and closed his eyes...


Enough of that.

Now people started joining TS and the party began, me, Mitch and Dunehunter joined SHAFT-GO again and went gunshipping with the Merlin. Soon Leo would join us and we went even more pwnage in the Merlin (ie. blowing up one enemy car :p). But then Mitch, the pilot, CTD'ed and left us upside down with no pilot in 100 feet altitude.

So we joined another server. Then the problems started. Punkbuster went in ****up mode and kept kicked me with no apparant reason.
I tryed everything to get it working. I did a complete reinstall in the hopes it could get it working.

The reinstall back fired and gave me the problem with PR/BF2. PR would give me the normal screen, then go in black mode for two minutes, then crash back to desktop. Same goes for vBf2
The only way to solve the problem is to do a complete format of the bloody machine or system restore can solve it, to some extend.

Since then I've been trying to fix, but I'm probably gunna give up for the day and figure it out tommorow.

Conclusion: PB being an arse+the problem+brand new rig=The Worst PR ****up Day Ever

2007-09-15, 22:10
ya i had the punkbuster problem 2. And i was on TG when a US commander hacked it today.

2007-09-15, 22:15
Mine is the worst..
I turned on my pc, moments later, a horrid smell of burned metal and rubber hits my nose, just as the fuses go "Keeeeerr BOOM"
Meaning, ive gotz to get a new pc...

2007-09-15, 22:16
oh thats s**ks

2007-09-15, 22:23
And thats today.. I think I can get you all a nice pic of the looks of it. from my shitty webcam... IF it whoud work with this retarded laptop...

2007-09-15, 22:38
Emnyron-that sucks hard.:?

My PC runs HOT at the moment.

And, have you tried updating PB? Try ccleaner, it can fix some registry issues.

2007-09-15, 22:41
Let the wensday get here ASAP as I shoud be getting my new pc then!

2007-09-15, 22:52
Wow that was fast, is it being repaired or are you getting a completely new one?

2007-09-15, 23:22
reinstall patch 1.41 over existing installation till it sets right. Do manual PB update or get PBSVC.EXE if that doesn't work right.

2007-09-16, 00:11
Getting a new one, talking new evrything save the harddrives and dvdrom.

2007-09-16, 09:18
MrD;485650']reinstall patch 1.41 over existing installation till it sets right.

Will I be able to play again if I spam patch v1.41 installs?

2007-09-16, 09:26
Hmph.. Amazing I wasn't part of that. ^^

2007-09-16, 09:30
You are a part of the next worst, NickO.

2007-09-16, 16:56
nice "action scene" preview please PM me the rest when you get finished or the link, sounds like really good stuff. As for the problems.....

2007-09-16, 18:32
Alright I got BF2/PR working again. System restore and patchinstallspammer is my friend :)

However I needed to dl PR again. I did it and guess what? Corrupted files :@

So now I'm doing it all over again but I won't have PR on my comp til midnight. :(

As for my story, I will do a public release when I'm done for everyone to enjoy.
You can thank KP for getting me into writing again lol :)