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2007-09-12, 10:44
Right, So you have downed all those bottles of prime vodca, and have been awared with the following, An SVD and the means to put down a few crates, with various stuff in it, most noteworthy is the two bottles of clear liquid :D

Well then, Listen closely!

You are the Squadleader, and you are DIRECTLY resonsible for anything that your squadmates do.
If they TK some fool, well you are the one that whoud have to apologice.
If they act like an ass, you will get the heat.
If they do well, you get the honor, and the blow ;)

Remember, as the squad leader, you have a wery powerfull rifle in your hands, use it for what it is worth.
I cant tell you how many times ive seen fellow officers rush ahead into the fray, only to get "SUPRICE BUTSMEX"`ed by some enemy squad..
Becuse they know, that if they take you out, your squad have lost theyr SVD, meaning that they can pick you off with theyr own weapons at range..

Becuse we all know that those ak`s are more for show than for shooting.

You will have to stay back, cooridnate your squad, designate jobs and directions, maintain a battle awareness that is unbreakable, and above all, your responsible for squad morale!
Remember, you are important, but so are your squadmembers.

If you find yourself in the middle of a firefight, dont despair, your squadmates are there to help you, and with that SVD, you can realy hurt those enemy fools!
Just be carefull of tommy`s that might try and sneak upp on you, becuse we all know, the svd aint worth shit if the bastard is less than a meter away from you...

You need them, you can place em..
Place em goood!
As a squad leader, you, and you alone make the call to place it.
Dont be a jackass and never place one.


I hope this guide helps, and gives some lulz for those who seek that
As allways, give feedback!