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2007-09-07, 00:07
I had played PR very rarely after the end of C5, due to burn out and the trial version of RO, but today I played again and I got all the good times that I had missed out on.

I'm on MEDI TS and Wolf and I decide to get our MEDI on, so I hop on to the 13thMEU server (Kashan 32), and there's two locked squads. No biggie, I'll make my own and do some transport in the BH. So I fly around for a bit, and get a request for a pickup. Some guy wants to go to South bunker, no problem. I wait a couple of minutes until he gets his kit sorted out, and we're on our way.

When I land, there's a nice shiny cobra waiting for me, and Wolf just joined my squad, so we decide to have some fun. We get in, and fuzzhead and USMC 3rdInf join my squad, and I tell them to grab the other very shiny Cobra for us to use, we cover USMC 3rdInf, while he picks up fuzz at US Outpost, and we're ready to rock.

Fuzz(gunner) and 3rdInf(pilot) decide to hover high above North Village (MEC territory). Wolf and I do so, too, but a heavy AT flies right near us, so I dive away and warn Fuzz and 3rdInf about the threat, and they report back to me about AA inf on the ground, and shortly after they report that said AA is down. Wolf and I, still fearful of the H-AT, decide to do low, fast gun runs on North Village, while Fuzz and 3rdInf cover from above.

Wolf spots movement in a building and tells me to wheel around, I do so, he tells me to pull up, I pull up by mere degrees, he lets a TV fly right before we fly over the building, and BOOM, four bodies fly in the air.

I tell 3rd and Fuzz to stay put and cover North while Wolf and I do some recon. On our recon runs we get targeted by a AA and an APC, he lets us have it, by I manage to fly behind a mountain and into cover. When we come back over the hill, Wolf lets another TV fly from just BVR, and boom, kill on both the APC and the MANPAD, one more kill for Wolf.

We were fairly damaged, so we bug out to base and the other chopper follows us, but alas, as soon as we are done rearming, Outpost is lost. Time to go save the day.

We get to Outpost, and I tell 3rdInf's chopper to breaks right, while mine breaks left, and we catch outpost in a pincer strafing run, obliterating most of the buildings. We enjoy the afterglow of a good strafing run, when Wolf starts telling me there's a Havok to our 6. Sure enough, Fuzz and 3rdInf start to engage it. Oddly enough all three choppers are caught in a hover at the same time while we all try to get lock. The Havok is pointing towards Fuzz and 3rd, so I get no lock from the Havok. Finally I get my own lock, and fire at the Havok right when the Havok fires at 3rd, who drops flares. My missile hits the Havok, which goes down, while the Havok's missile goes for a flare, does a 90 degree turn, and hits us in the cockpit, we never got a warning tone.

Now we have a 20 min wait for the Cobra, so we grab a tank, this time Wolf drives while I gun. On the way from Outpost, Fuzz's chopper gets hit by APC fire, and Fuzz bails out, while 3rdInf dies never to see his squadmates again (read: he quits the server). Now Fuzz is in the middle of nowhere, while Wolf and I are almost at oupost, and to make things better, Wolf's VoIP dies, so I have to listen to what he says on TS and tell Fuzz any important information (which was kind of cool when both of them weren't talking, or even worse, both of them AND the commander were talking).

Fuzz ends up dying and respawns on me, deciding to be, in his words, my "Repair Bitch" and my .50 gunner. We secure Outpost and move North, coming up on a enemy tank. He's a one man, as far as we can tell, although I might've shot his driver when he was repairing. It starts out bad, and he hits us two times, and we cower back to Fuzz for rapairs. When he's done, we adopt a new tactic, shooting on the move. And although useless at over 200 meters due to no stabilization, we end up beating the Solo tank at its own game. We decide to head north again, and Wolf calls out a tank, at first I can't see it, but when I do, it becomes just too easy. Its looking away with its back exposed, so I shoot it once, and it starts looking around, it didn't even know what hit it until we blew it up. We also see a Tunguska nearby that we killed.

Another tank is spotter south of us, we decide to go after it and make a large flank, ending up behind and to the left of it. We take on shot that hits, and hide behind a hill, then we come out, both the tank and I fire, but only mine was fatal, plus, we have Repair Bitch Fuzz at our service. That's three tanks engaged, three tanks down so far. We get reports of a enemy transport helicopter, which ends up flying right beside us. One Sabot round and its gone, along with its three occupants.

We decide to head for the hills. Nothing much up there, just infantry that are quickly taken out and a repair truck moving perpendicular to us that was made short work of.

We're still up on the mountain top when we hear a lock, a havok is right behind us shooting Unguided rockets and a TV, so Wolf guns the accelerator, and gets us away, all the rockets and missiles miss. We hide on the side of the hill waiting for the Havok to come back at us from the South, which it does, I fire, I miss, Fuzz and I open up with the MGs, the Havok flies over my head badly injured, and when I thought that we weren't going to survive a third run, Fuzz, in what can only be called total pawnage, shoots down the Havok with the .50.

Time to head down to bunkers. Wolf spots a tank, I shoot, its a hit! The tank backs away and we follow it down. A cobra flies right over the enemy tank, but does nothing. The tank had already repaired and retreated, but Wolf chased after him, and I don't know how, but I managed to hit the retreating tank twice while Wolf was going full speed from a range of 250-300 meters, we bag another kill. We're very low on ammo now, and another tank was spotted, I only had 3 sabot shots left, but thankfully, the enemy tank didn't know wtf was going on and I shot it twice with it not even seeing me. We went to hide out in a bunker and managed to get near a repair truck, but it didn't rearm us. An APC spawned right beside us, which was then blown up, and we decided to move out. We avoided the enemy tank and managed to get near a firebase, near which was a magic truck driven by backers (thanks backers) but before we got to the enemy tank Wolf disconnected. I was too tired to continue doing this, so both fuzz and I left shortly after.

Moral of the story, if you can, shoot while moving, its a great advantage and skill to master.

Moral 2: Three man tanks can take out several tanks, first I was skeptical, but now I fully agree with taking out the crewman wrench, thanks to Fuzz.

Moral 3: Crazy AA dynamics can still kill you even if you're not the one being targeted.

In the end the squad kill count was Fuzz 11-2, Wolf 5-1, Me 14-1, but most of my kills were directly or indirectly through the help of Fuzz and Wolf.

2007-09-07, 18:05
Love the 'Repair Bitch' expression :p

Moral 2: Three man tanks can take out several tanks

Any armor soloists, who'd like to prove otherwise?

2007-09-07, 21:15
Great Story! :D Hurray for taking out the crewman's wrench.

2007-09-07, 21:28
yea good round leo :)