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2007-09-04, 21:25
I was in a good voip squad with a good -=TG=- SL that knew how to command a squad.
We were the Brits and had the control of the Outpost. River Fort as usually flooding with Chinos. The SL proposed what kits we should take. It was some support, grenadier.... No sniper nor marksman to my surprise to work as cover on his ongoing tactic. Well he said from the beginning that we shouldn't touch those kits in this squad.
We were just 100m southeast of the Outpost in the forest and from that way we were going to cross the open field fully exposed to enemy's at River Fort.
I didn't like that a bit. I usually stay away from an open field where you are exposed and there is little hiding spots. I rather take out 3 enemies and don't die during a round than be suicidal like this.
So we advanced to the big lake and put up a RP. We were heavily targeted from the Chinese and I and my team took some deaths. Even enemy moved to the forest at the center of the field and targeted us. After some deaths I stayed just outside of the Outpost with my SAW and cleared the forest at center and tried to work as a spotter for my team. Not with a good result as even there as a support I was taken out by snipers from River Fort.
We completed the task to cross over to River Fort and got up with the help of the hook. We camped there for some min just to be totally smashed by arriving Chinos.

The SL did pretty good. I think he had 9/3. But we lost the round and I wasn't satisfied with the tactic. Ok I could cross it but knowing that we would be helped by a second squad that would work as support to us as a squad with snipers, marksmen and a well located APC taking them out at River Fort.

I didn't want to bitch around on the voip telling him other and sound as a wanker. Neither didn't a want to leave the squad. I hate when people do that so I don't do it.

If you were in my situation what had you done different? And do you find this tactic suitable?

2007-09-04, 21:49
wait for APC support before crossing in the open like that..

anyone targetting you will be easy pickings for the APC gunner

2007-09-04, 21:59
or GET A SNIPER! I will never have any kits only this is 1 engi and everyone chrage as sniper and stuff cover. And use smoke too very usefull. once u get inside when ythey are doming use flashbangs to blind them as someone else pops them. But use a APC and just ride foward if u know there are not At units there.

2007-09-04, 23:38
that open river was really the focal point of the design of that map...not the citadel really.

i think my original objective was to have the brits use their APCs (preferably 2) and cross the river en masse and then establish Squad rps on the other side..before setting up their citadel attack