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2007-09-04, 02:41
Stranded on Kashan

(Allright guys this is one of the many reasons why i want pilots to have an extra field dressing)

Part 1.

Chapter 1

The Crash
I was on kashan playing as mec i joined late in the round but still had a good time, Mananged to join a squad of 2 rifleman, Went medic asked the Sl if it was ok he agreed, So for the last few minutes of the round they were sniping with their G3's and i was spotting for them.

As the round ended we won 100-0, New round began and i tried to join a squad guess what? Squad glitch! God i was pissed but one of the guys from the last round squad was also glitched i told him of the situation.
So we both agreed to do recon in the little bird for the rest of the team,
I'd fly he'd type.(And we both had mics so it was easier)

As the round begins the co orders squad 1,2,3 to hit north village squad 4(thats us) My co-pilot Tells him we cant we have no Sl because we are glitched, So we tell him our plan he agrees and we hop in the littlebird i get pilot kit he stays rifleman(I'll explain why it was stupid later),
The CO orders us 2 to scout the north village for enemies we comply, I fly while my co-pilot types what he sees and where the enemy is moving.
With our help our team manages to take north village in 5 minutes.

The CO orders the few lonewolves at south village to make a squad(they being noobs decline at first but change their minds when they ask how to get kits) The CO orders us to move to south village and help these goddamn noobs out before they are overrun!

I head left and fly into the south village area i see an enemy apc and vodnik approaching, The vodnik starts to fire on us and the apc starts to shoot at village, I gain altitude to about 900m to lose The .50 cal, It stops and we were safe, Or so we thought!

Just then an Enemy jet comes and wooshes by us! I'm a bit frightened because he almost rammed us! My co-pilot is more worried as he does'nt have a parachute, About a minute passes and the jet comes again, He starts firing at us but all shots miss.

We start to descend slowly, As my Squady does not see the Vodnik anymore, I'm down to 750m, A few seconds later another jet comes by and manages to damage us but not majorly, I get down to 600m and we get hit but .50 fire! This sucks! I'm stuck! Between a rock and a hard place, 2 jets in the sky a vodnik on the ground a co-pilot with no chute.

I start to descend towards the mountains as i think it would offer the best chance of survival, I'm down to about 500m when the jets come and do another pass this time they get us to smoking! I'm starting to descend even faster now, .50 cal rounds are chasing us through the sky i'm doing the best evasive maneuvers i can(Hey i still suck at flying in PR)

We are so close to the mountain tops now! I'm 300m the littlebird is smoking, My co-pilot is watching for jets, When suddenly! A freaking .50 cal round hits us! Just one! One freakin round! Causes us to go into flames! I'm trying to descend as fast as i can to save my co-pilot but i'm too slow it was gonna blow so i bail and he tries to but he gets blown up(Told him to get a pilot kit)

I hit my chute and i navigate away from the .50 cal fire, I'm going down slow real slow, Slow enough for the jets to get me or for the vodnik to back up and finish me off, Luckily i land just south of the Mec base, Jets dont see me and vodnik cant get up here, Now this is where the real challenge starts, I have to make it back to friendly troops while avoiding the massacre happening at south village.

I check my map and look for friendlies, I see 2 at south village, It's a tough choice i have, Go for south village and risk a .50 or an APC cannon to the ass, Or go north into the mountain crossing a path used by enemy reinforcements, Screw it i'll head to village, If i could just get a kit with an assault rifle from the apc i'd be good.

I head to the north edge of the road making sure i wont be seen by enemy vehicles coming down, My squadmate finally respawns and asks if i need a pick up i tell him yes but it's too dangerous and besides i'm close to friendlies so i'll be ok(How wrong i was) He goes and helps the CO build stuff at north bunker for the upcoming assault, I in the mean time keep walking cautiously towards my goal, I get to halfway there when i hear something coming sounds like a heavy vehicle, I duck and wait till it passes, I stand up and see it's a freakin tunguska!

I was crushed i knew how powerful it was against apc's and infantry should i keep going or head back? As i think a stroke of luck occurs! An A-10 passes by and the tungy fires at it(Bad idea)I knew what was going to happen to it i just stay back and watch as the A-10 comes in for another go completely wipes it out with bombs! Man i laughed so hard, I keep heading to village, The battle is intense! There are 3 friendlies over there, 2 in APC , And 1 as marksmen or sniper(Could'nt tell he had a sniper Icon thats all i know)

The BTR-90 is destroying the buildings which our apc is hiding behind, I'm footing it to village i'm so close now atleast 200m! I cant wait to get myself a kit, Then all hell breaks loose! The Mec get smart, The ones that are'nt holding our team off at bunkers are coming to reinforce the apc at south village, 2 of their planes come by destroying the apc and killing the marksmen, I'm like Oh sh!t! What do i do?

Then the enemies cap south village, I'm deciding should i suicide? Let them kill me? Or keep going? Well i'm squad glitched so what good can i do? And as i'm thinking the enemy forces retreat back up the road, Allright i make up my mind i head into the mountains and ask for a pickup, I'm climbing higher and higher, When i finally get to a nice flat landing zone i ask my Squadmate if he can pick me up, He says he cant because he is building stuff for the CO.

I keep walking and walking till i get close to the antenna, As i see the big blue blackhawk come into my minimap i get excited! He's extracting me! Oh my god i did'nt even ask! But he knew! As he's lowering himself down to my level, Out of freakin nowhere! Guess what? Shot down by AA! He explodes like 20m above me i'm damaged but nothing a field dressing cant fix.

I'm so freakin mad at everything this all sucks! I was so close! Damn it!

I get back to my grueling task of walking 2.5k back to north village, I'm climbing higher and higher till i get up to the radio antenna, I look down the hill and what do i see? A tunguska! Thats what shot the Blackhawk that was extracting me! God damn tunguska! Now what the hell was i going to do? Do i avoid and keep going? Or do i do my team a favor?

I said to myself screw it i'm tired of walking if he kills me it's just a 30 second wait, I casually stroll down hill no need for running(Suicidal people dont rush to their demise they enjoy every second of it), As i get real close i wonder how to draw him out? Shoot at it? Smoke him? I get a brilliant Ideas! I jump on the tunguska waiting for him to notice me, He fires the guns but no effect (I'm on top of them smart guy!) I wait for him to exit it and try to shoot me but he surprises me! He switches to gunner position and tries to take me out with his G3, I put a few pistol rounds into his head, Damn this sucks i thought no G3 for me!(Kinda mad this bastard did'nt let me get his kit)

No reason for me to stay here, An empty AA gun in the middle of the desert just draws enemies. I strolled back up the hill before his friends come looking.

Part 2 later. (Gotta go to work tomorrow)

2007-09-04, 18:28
Nice story so far :) some of my favourite moments in pr are situations when everything that can possibly go wrong does, yet you still survive.

2007-09-04, 20:06
hehe nice story... god I love PR.

2007-09-05, 00:20
Glad you enjoyed now time for part 2.

Chapter 2

As i went back to my grueling task of walking back up those mountains, I get hit! I dont know by what but i'm beginning to bleed! I duck behind a hill look back and what do i see? An Engineer with an ammo truck and his G3 is blazing! Must've come looking for his friend i thought, Damn it! What the hell am i supposed to do now? There is a small chance of me winning and if i get hit again game freaking over!

The Shootout begins! He keeps firing at me from behind the tunguska, I'm ducking and crouching behind small hills trying not to get shot, I hear pop pop pop then a pause and more pops and cracks, I dont return fire at first because exposing myself would equal death! When the G3 rounds stop again i think it may be a trap or he's reloading, I choose the second option and stand up! And i pop up from behind my rock shoot twice and duck! Again i pop up Shoot twice and duck! The guy is still hiding, G3 rounds are beginning to fire again so i duck! I wait a bit and pop up one more time shoot 3 rounds and duck, I'm so pumped with adrenaline! I'm thinking to myself well if i die here atleast go out in a blaze of glory!

I pop up again fire off more rounds and duck, Crouch and reload i wait for him to return fire I'm wondering whats he up to is he an SL? Waiting for reinforcements? If so i better run! But if i do he's gonna kill me as go up the hill, If i lay low i'll bleed to death, Thinking fast i take one of my smoke grenades pop up and throw it at his direction, I see him coming out of the smoke i manage to hit him with a pistol round he retreats to the back of the tunguska, I take this chance to run! Screw it! I run fast up the hill, Avoiding G3 rounds right zooming over my head.

I'm now halfway between the top of the hill where the antenna is and my starting point from sprint, I hear more rounds hitting the terrain behind me, I dont want to get shot so i say Screw it! And deploy another smoke towards the guy it does'nt hit his position but it's close enough, I keep running up the towards the antenna and find a nice hill for me to hide under, I'm bleeding but i'm safe for now, He does'nt seem to be following me, Well thats what i thought... Over the Mic i'm asking my squady for backup he cannot comply as he is still building, I then ask him to call for an extraction for me as i'm fighting right now, He tells me there are no aircraft back at base and the only littlebird flying is having an aerial duel with the Mec transport heli over his position, I'm like Sh!t! What do i do?

I say forget it then i'll try to get back myself, I scurry up to the antenna bleeding to death when an old friend decides to drop by, He's coming up the hill, I'm crouching behind a small one, I see him he sees me, He unleashes a volley of rounds in my direction! There is nothing i can do, I'm bleeding, Vision is beginning to get blurry, And he is reloading! Wait thats it! Before he can finish reloading i pop up from my spot and fire a few rounds into him! He's not fast enough with the reload and i manage to kill him!

I waste no time and grab his field dressing deploy it and heal myself, Ah so much better, No blurry vision but still bleeding, I'm so happy that i made it, I trek back down the hill to his car and reload all weapons and patch myself up with some more field dressings. It's at this time i decide to leave the mec team a little present, Planted 1 at mine under the tunguska and car, Reloaded and continue back to my goal.

I've walked almost 1km right now from the antenna, I'm tired, Bored, And pissed that i did'nt let him kill me, Right now i'm directly south east of south bunker, With my binocs i'm doing a little recon, Looking at south bunker i can see atleast 5 snipers/marksmen/rifleman, And on my team i see only 2 marksmen having their work cut out for them, As i'm scanning the area i here a shot close to me i look east and what do i see through my binocs? A sniper marksmen team taking out my guys at north base! Their no more then 20m away from me.

I slowly crept over there trying not to get seen or heard by them, On the way there i thought about the best way to kill them? Hmm C4? Knife? Or Rifle? As i'm thinking i see the sniper is spotting and the marksmen is shooting, But why? Maybe the sniper is out of ammo? I finally decide to knife the bastards but the marksmen first so he does'nt kill me with that goddamn svd! I sneak up on them and knife them, Oh man it was satisfying! I take the Snipers kit check his ammo, No spares? I wondered how many rounds left in gun?, I prone and aim his rifle at an enemy pull the trigger and kill a heavy AT good i had 1 shot, Load another round into the chamber shoot and kill an enemy crewman fixing his tank, I wait for the bolt sound and guess what? Nothing! He really was down to his last few rounds! Damn well atleast theres an svd here i take it and to my luck he has 1 clip in reserve, I aim towards north bunker and fire off a shot missing my target! It starts to reload and i realize i have only 10 rounds left.

I prone aim and hit but not kill an enemy, He starts running i wait a bit and again shoot him and kill him, I find another one shoot 3 times and miss(Man is suck sometimes) He's aware someones shooting at him, Now he ducks and i aim shoot twice and kill him, A medic tries to revive him, I headshot him dead! :) Woot i thought! Happy at the deed i had done i turn around and try to get back my engy kit and guess what? It's gone! I was so pre-occupied with sniping my kit disappeared and so did the sniper! God i was mad at my self! Through my ignorance i lost a G3 with 140 rounds!

Ahwell i knew i had 2 rounds left in my gun, 2 nades, a smoke, And the always trusty knife. :D North bunker was the closest friendly cp but the most dangerous, As i pondered where to go next my squady over mic asks me where i am and whats going on. I tell him the situation and ask him where he is? He's at base he just respawned and he's waiting for Blackhawk and before he can finish do you need a lift? I reply over the mic hell yes! Meet me directly south west of north village be careful of AA, He tells me it's gonna be awhile because he just crashed in it a minute ago. I tell him i'll be at north village in 10 minutes, He says it may be longer till i can pick you up, I say it's ok i just wanna get out of these damn mountains!

Part 3 later.

Rambo Hunter
2007-09-05, 01:27
Hurry up with part 3 will you, i love reading this!

2007-09-05, 06:36

2007-09-05, 16:40
sounds like a wicked time :)

see isnt it soo much better to not suicide and care for your virtual life, things can get really intense and not dying for a long time always seems to bring much more satisfaction to me than constantly dying and respawning...

2007-09-05, 17:30
Hurry up with part 3 will you, i love reading this!


Shall i keep going?

2007-09-05, 17:54
I can't wait for part 3!

2007-09-06, 02:01
Wow i never thought people would be so excited, Heres part 3.

Chapter 3

Unfinished Business
As i proceeded to walk towards my new goal something awful happened! We lost north bunker! I stop and scan the area with my binocs and what do i see? Enemy tanks moving in and their commander with his support truck starting to build assets. Man was my team mad!

I could not help them so i went back to descending off the mountains, I walk about 100m when over the mic my squady tells me if i can wait a bit more for extraction? I tell him sure but whats up? He says he was'nt fast enough and did'nt get the chopper intime now squad 2 has it and is assaulting the north bunker. I was thinking Sh!t! It's gonna take atleast half an hour for him to get me! I tell him to forget it go back to helping the team i'll just walk, He tells me nah i'll come i have pilot kit and they agreed to let me have chopper when they're done, Oh god the rounds gonna end before he comes if thats the case(We had around 350 tickets they had 320-330) I tell him listen if you can fine pick me up if not thats fine too i'll meet up with other friendlies. He agrees and i go back to my long and strenuous task.

About a minute later as i enter into square 4E my squady over the mic tells me the CO wants to talk to me, I read some chatter by my team, It seems the CO has ordered squad 3 to Bomb the Bunkers with A-10s and they were trying to get ahold of me for awhile, I stop and ask my CO what he needed, He tells me since i'm the only on in the area would i spot the targets at north bunker? I happily obliged(Hey i was bored) The asked me to type to the A-10 pilots what i see, I told him fine but they would have to be very careful and take out the AA in the area, He agreed and i had my first task. Spotting the AA. I spotted 2 tunguskas and 1 AA gun still under construction, I relay the message and tell them the exact location on the grid, The Co tells me they'll be there soon.

I wait about a minute and a half when i finally see the big A-10 marker come into contact with the targets i spotted, 1 tungy and 1 AA gun down. I was in awe at the co-ordination of the pilots when doing their bombing runs, As the A-10's came in for another go the Mec CO started to build more air defense, I relay the location of the 2 new AA guns and the location of the tunguska again, As they start bombing again they manage to blow up all the AA left at bunkers, But one of them gets shot down! I'm like where the hell did that come from? A missle was chasing one of them but it did'nt originate from the tungy then where did it come from? As i think to myself my team starts moving in and caps north bunker(And the stalemate begins again! Great...) I apologize to the A-10 pilot that got shot down and he says it's no problem. But i'm still perplexed what shot him down? I saw the AA and Tungy blow up and their were no Enemy planes in Sight so what was going on?

I think for abit then decide to move on, As i walk i hear a helicopter near me i duck out of fear and wait for it to pass, As i see it fly over me at an altitude maybe 10m higher then mine i look where it's going and i see through my binoc it's picking up 4 enemies, I could'nt tell what they were but i saw one had an unscoped G3 and the others all had their binocs out(I say one officer was with them also as a rally point was in the back of them) I followed the heli to see where it was going maybe south bunker to harass my team? Could i get off a headshot on the officer? I wondered. I followed it for maybe a few seconds as it landed 150m from me in the North west corner of 5E, I see them set up another rally and to my surprise 2 of them pull out Grails! God damn it Rifleman AA! Thats where the missle came from! I flashed back to the first failed extraction attempt and think how ironic this is, I chuckle a bit and go back to watching them(Not like that!)

Chapter 4

I'm watching them for a few minutes and plot how to take them down? I know that one of them is an officer, 2 are Rifleman AA, But the last i cant tell, He's not an engineer(no cap), Not a medic(no cross on him), Not a sniper, support, or light AT as the uniform does'nt match up, I think that he might be a marskmen ya thats it! But damn it! How am i gonna take down 4 guys 2 with scoped rifle and 2 with unscoped but pretty damn deadly rifles! As i watch i see another one spawn on the rally and what do ya know? It's a medic and now he got a light AT kit! So damn it's 5 against 1 what do i do? I check my equipment and think if i can kill all 5 with 1 nade then i'm good, If i can kill a few with 1 nade and confuse the rest them i'm screwed, But if i draw their attention away from my direction and knife them all i'm good! But thats impossible as knifing 1 will surely alert the others.

God my head was hurting on what to do! I asked my squady over the mic where is he and whats the progress on extraction? He tells me he's got littlebird now and is warming up! Be ready for extraction in 2 minutes! I tell him to stay back as there are bad men with rockets here, He says Light or Heavy AT? I tell him exactly what i see, He kinda cringes a little and asks me to take them out. I say how i have no ammo? He tells me to get the A-10's to wipe em out go ask the pilot he's reloading right now at strip.

I ask the pilot to help me, He says he cant because he has to do a bombing run at south bunker, I tell him thats great because the target i need taken out is south of south bunker in grid 5E, He replies he cant because his squad leader is telling him no, I appeal directly to the Squad leader(He was the one that got shot down earlier) Listen man do you know what shot you down earlier? It was 2 rifleman AA on the mountains south of north bunker, Right now they are directly south east of south bunker and they have a few friends in tow, If i could take them out i would but i have no ammo only a few nades, I could mark their approximate position with my smoke nade if you want. He says just tell me where are they at and i'll take care of it, I say fine them they are in grid 5E northwest corner at the edge of where the mountains begin.

He says ok i'll be there in a few, As i wait anxiously for him i finally found out what the mystery guy had who i assumed was a marksmen. Ready? He had an AK101 and he was Grenadier! Oh my god why did'nt i see it sooner?

OK i said to myself, The A-10 is coming the Rifleman AA have their binocs out, The Officer is sniping, The Grenadier and Light AT seem to be Afk, It should go easily for him, I move towards the location craving a kit with an Assault rifle, As i get closer to them i see coming on my map, He's right before north village, Past north village, And now close to them, I look up and see him begin his run! Suicide Dive with the Cannon roaring!(Oh god how i love and fear that sound) They notice him too late and he wipes 4 of them out! My god that was awesome! The bodies fly everywhere! I tell him good job you killed 4 of 5 i'll take the last one, I quickly hurry over there before they have time to respawn, I get right behind the rally and nade it! Preventing anymore respawns, Unfortunately this catches the attention of the surviving grenadier and he comes to investigate.

Chapter 5

I make my way to where his squad was annihilated, Trying to avoid being seen by him, Every few seconds looking in his direction with my svd to make sure he was'nt coming back here. I get the first kit i can pick up lucky for me it's Light AT, I put it on full auto, rush towards him, and unleash a whole clip into his body! My god it was satisfying! I aim the RPG at south bunker fire it off for fun(Did'nt wanna let it disappear) Take the AK101 and call for my squady to extract me, He says one minute let me get there, I'm waiting amongst the dead bodies of my enemies, With a satisfied feeling. :twisted: As i saw the Littlebird come in from the distance i shot a smoke grenade into a safe landing spot, He descended slowly almost like an angel descends from heaven(he really was my angel that day)and picked me up! FINALLY! Extraction what i have been waiting almost an hour for!

As we Ascended into the heavens i looked down on this land that i had survived on with the support of my team and sheer luck(which i think could not all have been accidental) I laughed and grinned and knew the war was'nt over yet, They still had South bunker, 150 tickets left, And i planned to drain each and everyone of them down to Zero personally! With my shiny new AK.

The End of "Stranded on Kashan"

On a related note. PR is'nt as arcade as people think, It all depends on how you play, And i played to survive because i wanted too.

By the Way Thank you to all who made PR possible.

EDIT: Sorry guys for kinda rushing it at the end, But really you dont want me to go into detail of every thought i had in chapters 3 and 4.

EDIT 2: Spelling.

EDIT 3: Missing line in chapter 5.

2007-09-06, 02:16
Note 1: I split it into Chapters to make it easier to read.

Note 2: I have many more PR stories but none as good as this one.

Note 3: Seriously us pilots need an extra Field Dressing.

2007-09-06, 02:59
LOL how about you right a book about it(seiriously). COME ON DEVS, GIVE THIS GUY AN EXTRA FIELD DRESSING (lol)

by the way good story, pretty exciting. i'll read the rest of it later.

2007-09-06, 03:14
-;477707']LOL how about you right a book about it(seiriously). COME ON DEVS, GIVE THIS GUY AN EXTRA FIELD DRESSING (lol)

by the way good story, pretty exciting. i'll read the rest of it later.

Lol i wish i had more material! All i have now are like 3 awesome stories from .6 and kashan well it's my ultimate.

Btw who would read a book about a videogame? Other then Videogame nerds?

2007-09-06, 04:24
This makes me wanna play PR soooo Much more!!! I wanna download it again, but parents are being mean, and I may need to wait till christmas, but it will be worth the painstaking download again, all for the shear fun of it!

Rambo Hunter
2007-09-06, 08:21
Wow... that was awesome. Should i call some big-name directors to make a movie "based on a (semi) true story" ?

2007-09-06, 12:23
David, that was awesome!!!

Thanks for the good read!

2007-09-06, 12:24
J3sus, i can t believe it. If this really all is true, it s just awesome. If it hadn t such a dirty name I would say you were the only one who deserved to be a spec ops in the future release of PR. Ralying Info, the tenacity and patience, not giving up against the odds, great stuff.
I would have been dead tens of times by then. Good show.

2007-09-06, 12:46
David, that was awesome!!!

Thanks for the good read!

Thx man thx alot. :D

J3sus, i can t believe it. If this really all is true, it s just awesome. If it hadn t such a dirty name I would say you were the only one who deserved to be a spec ops in the future release of PR. Ralying Info, the tenacity and patience, not giving up against the odds, great stuff.
I would have been dead tens of times by then. Good show.

It is all true i just had to "Hollywood it" abit by i dont know whats the proper word for it. But i made you guys feel what i felt by describing it through a first person view. Kind of like an Author does with their books.

Btw it was'nt just me it was also the help and support of my team. If i did'nt have an awesome team who helped me out i would have been dead.

2007-09-06, 12:58
Great story! Wish i had one as good as that, i have a few half decent ones, but not on that scale.

Its an odd part of the game that when you don't go looking for kills you just stumble upon them.

2007-09-06, 22:46
Glad you guys enjoyed so tell me Dev's whats the consensus with giving us pilots an extra field dressing? Do i need to type my basrah story? :lol:

Hans Martin Slayer
2007-09-11, 00:21
nice story, kept my out of my bed where i'd should be since an hour :-)

i should print out stuff like that to keep me awake during math lessons... ;-)