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2007-09-03, 21:04
Team-mates and I decided we needed a little more exposure as a PR Team so I mentioned that I'm an avid media generator and put together a small trailer for our November Release of the full length BF2:PR Highlights film. There is only 1 version and it's High Quality, High Resolution.

Just though I'd share it with the community, Enjoy!

Liberation™ (http://files.filefront.com/SSTrailerHighwmv/;8472227;/fileinfo.html)

Programs Used:

Battlefield 2:Project Reality
Sony Vegas 7.0d
Adobe Photoshop CS2


300 Soundtrack - Immortals' Battle
Kanye West (Jarhead)

2007-09-03, 21:26
Nice, the last song when one for a tad bit too long though.

2007-09-04, 17:07
GREAT TRAILER, I want see the full movie right when its out !

2007-09-04, 17:26
I quite enjoyed it up to the part with the jets :P

2007-09-04, 17:40
Good work. A bit of a strange choice of screen aspect ratio though, no?

What was you video treatment like? What were you trying to convey? Is it something like an advertisement for PR? Because without showing heavily teamwork-centric combat it's difficult to convey PR's great points. This video could almost have been done with BF2. That said, it has good worth as an experiment with different camera and editing techniques.

2007-09-04, 17:59
Its not a Mini-Mod :duh:

PRM=Project Reality Mod


PRMM=Project Reality MiniMod...

2007-09-04, 18:17
I liked it, but as Wasteland mentioned, you need to include some squadwork in the trailer, maybe some comm rose clips and then a shot of a squad following through on the attack.

2007-09-04, 19:03
I liked it, but as Wasteland mentioned, you need to include some squadwork in the trailer, maybe some comm rose clips and then a shot of a squad following through on the attack.

Thanks for all the great input guys... The goal of that trailer was nothing more than an advertisement of a solid PR movie is in the works that will encompass ALL aspects of PR. The general theme of the movie will be "war diary" in a sense that it will be heavily editted for effect.

Imagine an entire battlefield match unified and communicating with each-other... Alpha gets overrun by armor, they call in A10 support while at the same time, 2 infantry groups are assaulting a control point.

I assure this was more or less a VERY small taste of what is to come =) There will be voice overs (Not the ventrilo kind, but real military voice overs to stimulate what PR is, A Reality Mod so it will encompass real world radio chatter as well some more realistic gore. There will be an underlying story as well.

Look forward to releasing it =)

2007-09-04, 22:24
let me see the movie cant wait.

2007-09-05, 06:39
More squads and teamwork and less Mr. Sp3c 0p with a carbine in the middle of a desert

2007-09-05, 06:46
More squads and teamwork and less Mr. Sp3c 0p with a carbine in the middle of a desert
I'm sorry but your post about a trailer doesn't really say much of anything except the obvious. Less Sarcasm and more positive criticism please.

2007-09-05, 22:58
Nice, liked the 300 music and the jets. Though I do agree, less images of the Spec Ops. Perhaps a little bit of a firefight or something. The trailer absolutely does not give me anything on what it is about.

2007-09-05, 23:13
It looks alright, though it will have to be very well edited to really impress the community i would say, they are pretty much perfectionists when it comes to "-the- mod".

I liked it up to the point about "thanking god for every day in the corps" and the final song at the end. I think a more classical and sombre tune would be appropriate, for tone.

2007-09-06, 12:28
I'm going to give you some feedback on the trailer itself, as there are some pretty glaring things that, once fixed, will make it a lot better.

1) Pick an aspect ratio and stick with it. More specifically, pick 16:9. Don't increase or decrease the black border area in separate shots in the trailer. You can run the game in 16:9 with BattleDirector.

2) The green preview window. Personally I'd get rid of it, it's taking up too much space on the trailer and doesn't add as much as you'd think. We don't need to be told it's a trailer since we downloaded it ourselves ;). If you're using the green screen for soundtrack fade-in time, then just remember: actual trailers have no audio whatsoever over the green preview window. So if you're going to mimick a real trailer, at least do it properly. You could just as easily fade in the soundtrack over the next shot, which brings me to my next point.

3) The Spec Ops standing there. At the moment it's not a good shot, but it has the potential to be if it were in 16:9. You need more space on the right to show the black smoke rising higher into the sky, with the hummer on the left and the soldier dead-on the first third of the shot. I'm getting technical with this shot because it stays there for so long, so again you need to get it right. Either that, or don't show us it for 10 seconds whilst nothing happens.

4) Wheel-cam on the hummer looks cool, but you have to be very, very careful with landscape-clipping. Either do it on a flat to minimise this, or re-shoot until you get one with zero clipping. Remember, you're trying to make us forget that this is a game engine.

5) Zooming through the armour looks cool, but the armour isn't doing anything. Either reverse the shot so that the camera is moving toward the armour whilst the armour is rolling out, or have some troops scurrying about prepping the tanks for combat. At the moment, the shot is dead.

6) Try to never include shots where the camera is moving through manual mouse control. No matter how hard you try, they look ugly, and again remind us that this is a videogame. Either use pre-scripted camera movements with BattleDirector, simulate a dolly shot with the directional movement keys or keep the camera still.

7) Clips falling onto the camera would look more dramatic in high-frame, slow-motion.

8) As for the jets, refer to point 6). This also applies to follow-cam.

9) Last shot holds for far too long, and the title never fully appears, which just looks bad.

Lastly, nothing much is happening in this trailer. If this were a preview for a final film, I can say that I would not be rushing to watch it. If you say you're including more stuff in the actual film, make sure to either add it to the trailer or make a new one, because at the moment, theres really nothing here that's worth seeing.

2007-09-07, 05:13
For sure check out the video when it drops, we are gonna work hard on it! If you ar interested in helping out and can take direction well visit us at www.ssbf2.com
( if i am not allowed to post links then im sorry :( )

2007-09-08, 03:06
Me and a team-mate of mine spent a good 3 hours running through a very light version of the script in the opening 4 minutes of the film. We both got bored and resorted to jumping HUMVEE's off terrain into buildings and using the damage system to make a lowrider drifting HUMVEE...

I will say that things are progressing and I have opened up an application process to be part of the movie. I intend to make a teaser (Not a Trailer) of planned parts after we've recorded them... basically working my way backwards in compilation and then creating little tidbits in the movies to hold the populace over. After reviewing the trailer with the input you've given me, I agree it is a bit bland but I don't know how engaging loading into a local server because nobody was on to help me record.

I won't disappoint in the release soon to be announced for the teaser.

2007-09-08, 10:37
nice video. I just thought maybe make the cip occupy the full screen would be nice.

Btw when you use vegas. How big is the video you get after you render? Mine is usually 126mb + no matter how i try to keep it small. Is it possible to get it down to 20mb to 50mb? And great video quality also!

2007-09-09, 11:25
Just finished our first night of full on filming, 4 and a half hours of it for one scene. We seem to have the basics layed out for that scene just need to redo some fine details :D overall the whole team is very excited and Its looking great. We had some help from so players who came into the server, I would like to thank Redbull0808 and Panzersant for there amazing help hope to see you guys again!