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2007-09-03, 20:35
A good formation of armor that I've found,by experience in Kashan Desert is to have Main Battle Tanks,and AA travel together.For the USMC for example,the Bradley veriant in BF2/PR is the AA version with stinger missles,so it can take out enemy aircraft with those (rare).But if a light vehicle/hostel AA,or infantry run up,it has that 30mm. cannon to deal with them,while the M1 Abrams can take care of enemy tanks/APC's and taking out heavy bunkers.Same goes for Chinese and MEC,but different vehicles.The MEC formation would be made of M1 Tunguskas,and T-90's.While the Chinese one would have....Dang it,don't know Chinese vehicles...If only the reg. Bradley was here,with it's TOW missles and Machinegun on the turret working.Along with more armor.

2007-09-03, 20:56
My idea of the perfect kashan armor squad:
2 tanks (with 2 men in each tank ofc)
1 repair truck

2007-09-10, 13:36
My idea of the perfect kashan armor squad:
2 tanks (with 2 men in each tank ofc)
1 repair truck

could do with at least 1 scout vehicle to give heads up, time spent in Recce is rarely wasted...............:razz:

2007-09-10, 21:36
Littledragon;481095']could do with at least 1 scout vehicle to give heads up, time spent in Recce is rarely wasted...............:razz:

That could be left down to the scout chopper, if we are speaking Kashan or Kufrah.....Providing he isn't 'pWNz1Ng_tEH_N0ubz', as he'd likely put it.


2007-09-10, 22:38
Littledragon is right i think ( i wonder why ;) )

With proper use of recon elements all the one person tank drivers would soon learn the error of their ways. The reason people still play one man/tank is that they haven't yet learned any real tank tactics. (Go read a book sometime, they work).

An enemy tank maneuvering for an ambush getting spotted by a recon element, can inform their armour they are in communication with quickly enough for the direction of threat to be passed on, and hopefully airsupport and preferably TOW/AT equipped mechinsed armour on the flank of the direction of advance.

Perfect Squad imho, (alas constrained by squad numbers).

2 Tanks,(2-men in each tank).

1 engineer as Scout and repair guy when needed, infantry on bike or repair vehicle, (can also occupy commander position for "riding to the front gloriously"(SL)

1 AAA/SAM vehicle. (Can do as an APC role in terms of anti-infantry / light vehicles).

I would prefer to operate with mobile command and resupply posts, where individual armoured squads can come off the line for a few "minutes" to repair and reparm, with APC, Repair and Command Truck in proximity. Command truck can act to fortify these command posts with AAA and other resources as necessary.

Command posts in Armour heavy maps are useless in the frontline, so they are best kept just to the rear to fight off light infantry and light vehicle assaults.

2008-12-18, 07:57
I was about to create a new thread on formation tactics but saw this was here instead.

My personal usage of armour formation revolves around a 3 tank squad moving in the shape of a wedge. This is shown roughly below:
I have used this tactic multiple times to great effect, keeping enemy armour down and friendly armour losses to a minimum. This tactic is particulary effective on kashan with long range, easy to scan views and mimimal cover/obstacles.

The strength of the wedge formation is its rigid control of the tank placement by the squad leader coupled with the flexability to deal with armoured threats approaching from multiple directions. With a wedge, a tank attacking from the right or front right will encounter two tank barrels and quite possibly a strong armour facing stemming from the squads reaction. A tank attacking on the left faces the same problem. Best of all, a tank directly in front of the formation would face three tanks, with frontal armour facing, an extremely formidable threat.

Another advantage of the wedge formation is the re-arrangement of the formation if the lead tank (the most likely tank to get hit) takes damage. The lead tank can swap with a rear tank and can then take a step back from future enemy fire if quick repair support is available.

The distances the tanks should keep from each other should vary depending on cicumstances and the type of threats that could be encountered.

I recommend keeping a distance of 20m from lead to rear tanks and a distance of 50m between the rears when enemy jets are known to be out of action, this ensures that the formation is close and the tanks cover each other well with cover/terrain minimally blocking the view of all three gunners.

When enemy jets are up, the distance should be at least above 30m and preferably 50m from lead to rear and up to 100m from rear to rear. Trust me when I say laser guided bombs are hell.

I'd like to know any thoughts and opinions on this tactic, perhaps some constructive criticism even from one armour player to another.

2008-12-18, 10:37
On Kashan you need an AAV to operate properly as a Tank. Two Tanks are good but one will do just fine. AAVs, especially the MEC one, are not only very good against aircrafts (d'oh) but also against infantry, light armor etc. against which tanks dont want to waste HEAT rounds and can't hit properly with the little bullets, especially on long range.

Anyway, formation doesn't really matter. You need to focus on other things first.

This is very, very important. Sneaking up on an enemy tank and having one AP shell to shoot in advance is a major difference. I know this from experience. Taking out three tanks (which are not operated by noobs) isn't thát hard, as long as you approach them from the good side and make good choices.

Think about that and then practice again ;)

2008-12-18, 10:57
This works well for Ki||switch squad Australia

1 engineer/forward recon
1 piolet lil bird airborne recon

With froward recon we can decide what target needs to be taken out 1st Incase we see AA but there is 2 tanks following it we engage the tanks 1st then AA. Mostly good Tankers let noobs drive something infron of them so the enemy engages that then the pro tanker takes out that enemy..

All this is everyday events in Ki||switch squad

I remember on All kafru oilfields +SiN+solo60 and myself were in a tank
1 Tank vs 4 +1 engineer
We saw 2 tanks in the horizon and thought Wait a second lets wait till there not looking. Then another 2 tanks and a engineer car come into the scene.
Crap i think to myself. I'm gunning we decide to engage fire 1 shot move fire another shot move and we kept doin that till we killed the whole regiment it was so funny they only seen us after we killed 2 of there tanks and byu then i had 2 engineers on me lol.
No they weren't nubs they were some of the most respected members of the Australian PR community they just couldn't see were i was.