View Full Version : The "Good Commander" Thread.

Red Halibut
2007-09-03, 09:55
Fellow PR players, we have an excellent thread stickied above for Player recommendations, but what I would like to see in this thread are posts about good Commanders you have played with. I have searched back six months for all threads in this forum with the phrase "commander" or "commanders" but haven't found anything similar.

Now that doesn't necessarily mean uber-pwning the opposition (although that is obviously a factor) but other things too, like attitude, good Voice Comm Etiquette, being responsive to SL's needs, good tactical grasp, that sort of thing.

Here's one to start us going:

Name: iGi Lysander_atrull.
Reason: Clear voice comm, attentive to needs, good tactical grasp.

2007-09-03, 11:09
Name: MichaelNielsen(DEN); [PR]PELA|Michael_Denmark
Reason: Clear voice communications, attentive to needs, extreme good tactical grasp, team-sized and ticket-related thinking at any point of the match, able to micromanage squads when needed, extraordinary tactics

2007-09-03, 13:36
Reason:A very fine commander on one round of Kufrah, did not give orders to SLs, transfered messages between squads for support and planning, kept the channel tidy of chat, deployed the commander assets wisely