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2007-09-03, 07:24
News report from our last battle read and enjoy


(09/09/07) - UTC 23:00

Mestia, Georgia – Recent reports from the ground are coming in of a massive covert British lead Nato assault on local Militia strongholds in the Caucasus region known as Mestia in Georgia. The upper Nato echelon still refuses to divulge any information on what exactly they were up to in the woodland hills of Mestia on this first Sunday of September. Nato refuses all comment when asked on the subject of special covert operations having took place, only implying through unofficial channels that conventional military action was inevitable against the P.R.G. supply lines operating in the region.

Despite this, as the reader may recall, reports had surfaced only weeks earlier of a top level Mi6 operative having been captured by local militia forces trying to infiltrate their organization. At the time inside sources claimed P.R.G. axis proxy agents had been accused of feeding classified information and military support to the local militia on the specific whereabouts of a British special agent and his mission. The fate of this agent is still unknown, and it is not likely to be clarified anytime soon. Yet trusted P.R.G. sources claim to have video footage of the operative and the covert assault which they claim to have fully repelled. Surely we can imagine propaganda will surface when the P.R.G. sees fit, but the special agent remains unknown to this date.

Locals on the scene reported heavy and devastating carnage in the various fortified woodland strongholds the local P.R.G. sponsored militia occupied. It looked like Nato had setup a full blown forward base on site and held it with awesome success until a massive militia force backed by apc’s reportedly stormed them from the north and dislodged their forward footing in the area. In the end though the militia apparently had forward warning and had setup massive ambush points and strong defenses, some describe the Nato forces as having almost walked into a PRG trap.

Certain sources inside Nato report they were forced to launch a massive counter assault after initial special recon units were reported killed or missing. The target was a suspected local militia stronghold, as news of the presence of a high level PRG commander in the area had surfaced. The PRG commander has apparently escaped though, as Nato forces were forced to withdraw from the area after a prolonged assault backed by mechanized infantry squads failed to penetrate the fortified militia base. Nato will be left wondering on whether or not they really did walk into a full blown trap. More news will surely surface in the comming days.


Operation Swan won by the People's Revolutionary Guards!

Phase 1 - NRF victorious
Phase 2 - PRG victorious
Phase 3 - PRG victorious

if the admin do not remove this post i will post all our battle reports in here as this is not recurit for the tournament it just a news report so do not need moving

2007-09-03, 07:28
Place it in the News from the frontline, Not general.

2007-09-03, 14:01
Hehe nice story, but according to DEVs and PR story the Mestia is in Balkans :)

2007-09-03, 14:59
im workin on the br files to get a vid :D

2007-09-03, 23:35
isnt georgia part of the balkans area? not 100percent on that but...

brilliant news storey...more militia maps on the way! much bigger and better!

2007-09-04, 00:45
IronTaxi;476054']isnt georgia part of the balkans area? not 100percent on that but...

brilliant news storey...more militia maps on the way! much bigger and better!

No, balkan region is an area in eastern europe, east of the adriatic sea while Georgia is situated on caucasus, east of the black sea.

Woot for new militia maps, thats one awesome faction.

2007-09-04, 01:20
oh yeah...cacuasas think thats what i was thinking actually.. sorry gentlemen... seems all the same region to me.. born and raised in canada and living in japan havent been too far into europe..

2007-09-05, 13:51
There are few different definitions of borders of the Balkans. This is one of them:


Countrie are: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey (well part of it), and some include Slovenia, Romania and Moldova as well.

:) :)

2007-09-07, 18:52
NO! the NRF lost. And mostly due to Bravo company due to are numbers. But we did fall apart unlike we did in are wonderful M1A2 Abrams Tanks on Operation Mushroom.